5 Best Property Management Software in 2021

Do you want to automate your Real Estate business? Then Property Management Software is the answer. Property Management Software will help you to modernized and streamline your real estate business.

Property Management software will automate the process of lease management, online rent collection, property maintenance or repair administration, accounting, etc.

This type of system fulfills the needs of small landlords to property firms, so you need not to worry if your business is small or large scale.

In this article, we have put together some of the best property management software that would work wonders with your real estate business.


5 Best Property Management Software in 2021

Here are the 5 best Property Management Software in this year 2021 and be ready to level up your business with simplified and stress-free administration.

1. Buildium

Buildium focuses on the cloud-based system which allows you to handle and monitor your real estate business from anywhere, anytime.

This software manages accounting functions such as tracking rent, payments of suppliers, your financial statements, generating detailed reports, and many more.

It controls various business negotiations between owners, or tenants and regulates the lease activities including tenants screening, providing e-lease, and build your personalized website to post rental properties catalog.

It also ensures that the process of doing your own tax filing doesn’t become a burdensome; they use a 1099 e-filing system that automates the function of managing and tracking tax files. Buildium pricing starts from $50/ month and 14 days free trial is also available.

2. Tenant Cloud

Tenant Cloud comes with an absolute solution of property management. It makes the rental management smooth and efficient with online leases, online payment modes, tenant evaluation, arranging lease with multiple roommates.

Automated reminders for maintenance or repair service and for property insurance too, keeping tracks of property details and keys, automated late payments system and many more.

They also set up a better communication process through tenant cloud messenger for discussion with your tenants, maintenance requests which get your requests fulfilled by a respective service person.

It supports your business in every sense by providing detailed automated reports, free property listing website, manages the accounting, and also e-tax filing.

Their standard plan comes at $9 per month with up to 150 units and advanced plan with $35 per month with up to 500 units and yes their free trial is also available for 75 units.

3. AppFolio

AppFolio gives your property business an outstanding modern adaptation. It provides owners, vendors, and tenant’s online portal to handle their respective work done.

Get your business smart and easy with AppFolio through online payments, accurate reporting, a late fee system, streamline your accounting and your financial integrations.

Grow your business by their customized websites and their AI leasing assistant makes the leasing process simpler.

AppFolio pricing plan for residential is $1.25 one unit per month, for a commercial is $1.50 one unit per month, and for community associations is $1.25 one unit per month.

4. Propertyware

With Propertyware be ready to get off work stress of property management from your shoulders. It provides flexible accounting functions with easy payment options.

Financial reporting, track the payments, makes tax filing smarter, and many more. It makes a safe and secure environment with a tenant screening function.

They make maintenance service an upright feature from managing work orders and vendors to snapshots in real-time of work progress. Also, it ensures communication and clarity of data with tenants and owners portal available 24/7.

Their basic plan comes at $1 one unit per month. You can contact their team for a personalized price quote.

5. Syncbnb

Syncbnb creates a simple and smarter solution to your property business. Extend your business with Syncbnb and earn more.

By listing your properties on various vacation rental channels and it handles all your bookings and synchronized them in real-time.

They offer zero double booking guarantee by scheduling the calendar with real-time bookings on the website. Their price quotes start with $25 one rental per month and contact them for the exact plan.


Hopefully, you have got your solution and selected the best-suited software for you with the help of this article. Tell us in the comments which software is best according to you.