Only Arrowhead for Big Game Hunting

What is the only kind of arrowhead that can be used to hunt huge animals? If you’re just getting into the sport of bow hunting, the answer to this question is quite important.

A few arrowheads are available, but none of them can be used to hunt larger animals.

This is forbidden to ensure that the animal you are hunting is not hurt instead of killed. Even though it is theoretically conceivable to completely miss your target and only inflict harm as opposed to killing someone, doing so is exceedingly improbable.

Only Arrowhead for Big Game Hunting

When shooting at large wildlife, only arrowheads with a broad head are permitted. Several jurisdictions regulate standards for the head’s design, sharpness, diameter, and number of cutting edges.

These regulations were set up to ensure a humane kill. There are numerous unique broadhead arrowhead designs available in the realm of bowhunting.


What is a Broadhead Arrowhead?

The term “broadhead” here refers to any particular arrowhead kind. This style has a number of subgenres, each with their own advantages and potential applications. Make sure the new large game arrowhead you choose has a cutting edge and a solid build.

This arrowhead style is used by hunters of large game because it offers the greatest penetration. Find the ideal bow, broadhead, and arrow combination for a swift and painless kill.

The three most popular kinds of broadhead arrows are those with mechanical/expandable blades, fixed blades, and removable blades.

Broadhead arrows should be durable, precise, and suitable for the equipment and prey you intend to pursue. Sharpen the heads daily if you want to get the most out of your practises.

With bows and game under five pounds in weight, a cut-on-contact broadhead is advised.

How to Set Up a Broadhead

It is simple and quick to affix the arrowhead to the arrow. To accomplish your objective, you can utilise an arrow and a broadhead wrench.

The wrench is required to safeguard the blades when attaching the arrow’s head. Without the wrench, you risk hurting yourself rather quickly.

Because of how sharp the arrowheads are, even a small slip can cause serious bleeding and tissue injury.

Checking for Razor-like Focus

You can do a quick and simple test to see if your broadhead is fit for your next hunt.

  1. Build a tiny, square wooden frame.
  2. Rubber bands wrapped across the frame should completely enclose the aperture.
  3. You can enter the field if your arrowhead easily cuts through the rubber bands.
  4. If they are challenging to cut, sharpen the blades and try again.

Different Broadheads

Three different categories can be used to categorise broadheads. Each of them excels in particular situations.

Angular Knives

The industry standard for broadhead design is this one. They are well-liked by traditional bowhunters because they function well with bows that have a little draw weight.

They are a great choice for hunting smaller animals because they require less effort to launch their target. Due to the diminished force at work, they are less successful when hunting animals like rhinos or elephants, for instance.

The fixed-blade style of broadhead is typically the strongest type. The solid, one-piece construction ensures that the blades won’t come loose or sustain damage.

The installation of the fixed-blade broadheads is quick and simple. There are two distinct designs available to you:

  • fits most ferrules with a screw, but installation is advised to be done using a broadhead wrench.
  • This kind adheres firmly to the arrow shaft.

The Knife’s Blade is Detachable

The removable-blade broadhead is a great alternative for target practise due to its easily replaced blades. You won’t need to worry about getting a brand-new head if you manage to hit your target and only the blades are harmed.

Knowing that we can save costs by just replacing the blades is a relief.

With Deployable Blades Broadhead

The mechanical, or extendable, broadhead is a great choice for going after large game. The blades on these heads can be retracted before firing, and they will remain retracted all the way to the point of contact.

The blades open to display their deadly edges when they come into touch with their chosen victim. These are crucial for hunting animals weighing more than 50 pounds.

They can only be used with bows that are rated for 50 pounds or more since it takes more force to open them up after contact.


For the protection of the hunter and the animal, there are numerous limitations on big game hunting. So which sort of arrowhead is the only permitted choice for killing large animals? A broadhead-style arrowhead is the ideal choice in many circumstances.

It is appropriate for every hunting situation because it is both razor sharp and comes in a variety of patterns.

The right broadhead style can be chosen to produce the most humane death. Three different primary designs are available. I advise making a purchase of an expandable or mechanical broadhead if you intend to hunt game that weights more than 50 pounds.

A bow with a rating of 50 pounds or greater is advised for this method due to the extra effort needed.

For large game under 50 pounds, either the fixed blade or the removable blade can be used. Both have advantages, so which one you choose depends on your circumstances and personal preferences.