Netflix Code NW-2-5 Guide

Netflix is one of the most widely used apps around the globe to stream TV shows and movies from every corner of the world. You can get your hands on any new or old movie, show or cartoon delivered to you in your comfort space to any of your devices for a small amount. People who use Netflix services can get several Netflix exclusives.

However, despite its benefits, Netflix is just made of software and just like any other software, it also sometimes behave unpredictably and display error messages. One of the errors is Netflix Error NW-2-5. It is not difficult to fix this error, but people sometimes get confused, not knowing where to begin with. Let’s start with the article, and see how to deal with this issue.

How to


What is Error NW-2-5?

Netflix’s error NW-2-5 typically occurs when a network connection causes an issue, and it is stopping your device from reaching Netflix. Due to this, the users are not able to stream any content from Netflix.

This error often occurs for no specific reasons, it can be random and users are often unaware of when they may receive this error. However, after having a look at the complaints made by the users it seems like this error occurs when Netflix undergoes major updates.

The reason for this error varies from user to user and what works for one user may not work for another. So, take a look at the solutions given in this article and see which one works for you.

Solution 1: Disable Your BT Parental Controls

This issue turned out to be one of the major reasons for the Netflix error. This error comes to the users who use BT as their internet provider. The provider gives the benefit of what other users get to see and the parents or the elders can filter out the content before it reaches your children. However, BT Parental Control turns out to be the cause of the Netflix issue.

Follow the steps below to solve the BT Parental Control issue

Step 1: At first, use the credentials given by your Internet provider and log in to My BT.

Step 2: Second, scroll down until you find your Package option.

Step 3: Now, select Manage your Extras.

Step 4: Further, search for BT Parental Controls and then click on Manage BT Parental Controls.

Step 5: Finally, click on the slider to turn it Off.

Solution 2: Workaround If Solution 1 Is Not Working

For many users, solution 1 can solve the issue. However, for those who are facing the issue even after they turned BT Parental Controls off, try the solution given below.

Step 1: Before proceeding, Factory reset your TV and retune all stations.

Step 2: You will have to connect to a mobile phone with an active mobile internet connection by starting a portable hotspot.

Step 3: After connecting to your phone’s hotspot, open Netflix and login into your account.

Step 4: Make sure everything is working correctly, after this resume the internet connection that was earlier causing the problem, and you will see that the error is no longer causing an issue.

NOTE: This is the method that can be used to fix all sorts of Network-related issues on Netflix. BT Parental Control is not related to the solution given above.

Solution 3: Restart Everything

The easiest and most common solution is to Restart and reconnect the system. This method has solved the error for most of the users.

Step 1: Close, the internet connection on the device, on which Netflix is running.

Step 2: Turn off your Wi-Fi or break the connection with the Ethernet Cable.

Step 3: Restart the system and then reconnect it.

This solution is the easiest and works for almost every error. This solution has turned out to be very helpful to the users.

Solution 4: Reset Your DNS Settings

This option is available on every device on which you are running your Netflix.

Step 1: First, turn on the device on which your Netflix is running.

Step 2: Second, go for your DNS settings.

Step 3: Third, Turn off all the proxy settings that you may have unknowingly set up.

After doing this, no problems should be caused by the original DNS address.


All the solutions given above has helped multiple users to resolve their Netflix error. If you face the same issue, follow the tricks in the above article and find which tricks help you best. Hopefully one of them will resolve your error issue.