How To Uninstall Apps on Mac

Nowadays, apps are a need. They facilitate increased efficiency in the workplace, personal organization, communication, and entertainment. There’s probably an app to help you accomplish every task you can think of.

But as app makers work hard to satisfy our every need, have you given any thought to how much space they eat up on your device, or even counted how many you have? The RAM requirements of many apps are really high.

They steadily amass and consume space on your hard disk until you find your Mac isn’t running as well as it once did. If you delete or uninstall unused programs from your Mac, it will clear up space and perform more smoothly.

If you’ve decided it’s time to clean house, we’ll teach you how to permanently delete applications from your Mac. Download CCleaner for Mac if you’d rather have your job done automatically.

How To Uninstall Apps on Mac

There are also a ton of extra features included that will help your treasured Mac run as smoothly as possible. To be continued… Meanwhile, here are some manual methods for locating and removing programs that you no longer need (or may have never used).


How to Uninstall Apps on Mac

When you delete or uninstall an application from your Mac, the space it occupied is freed up for other uses. You may use either Launchpad or the Finder for this.

Method 1: Use Launchpad to Delete Apps That were Downloaded From the App Store

With Launchpad, you may quickly and easily remove purchased apps from the App Store.

Step 1: Launchpad can be accessed via the Dock or the Applications folder. Instead, you can use a trackpad pinch gesture with your thumb and three fingers to close it.

Step 2: Search for the program by name in the Launchpad interface if you can’t find it. If your apps are organized on more than one page, you can move between them by using the dots at the bottom of the screen or swiping right or left with two fingers on your trackpad.

Step 3: To make the apps jitter, press and hold the Option key or click and hold any program.

Step 4: When you’ve found the program you wish to remove, click the Delete button to the right of its name, and then confirm the action by clicking Delete again. Instantaneous removal of the app.

The Delete option in Launchpad is only available for apps that you have purchased from the App Store. Instead of closing programs, use the Finder to delete them.

Method 2: Use the Finder to Delete Apps

Step 1: Go to the Finder by selecting it from the desktop or the Dock.

Step 2: Choose the program you wish to uninstall. To access your apps, click Apps in the sidebar of any Finder window. You can also use the Finder’s Go menu to select Apps.

Step 3: You can delete the app in one of these ways:

Drop the program into the Trash.

To delete the program, pick it and then select File > Move to Trash.

To uninstall the program, open it and then hit Command-Delete on your keyboard.

Step 4: If prompted for one, use the credentials for an account with administrative privileges on your Mac. The normal login credentials for a Mac are the user name and password you just typed in.

Step 5: After dragging the app to the Trash, select Finder > Empty Trash from the menu bar.


It’s a useful ability for any MacBook owner to know how to remove software. Perhaps your computer’s desktop is becoming cluttered because of an old program you downloaded. Perhaps you have a downloaded game that you no longer wish to keep and wish to delete it.

For whatever reason, you now find yourself in need of removing an application that was previously installed on your MacBook; this guide will show you how to do precisely that.

Though I utilized a 2015 MacBook Air for the purpose of this guide, any recent Apple laptop, such as the MacBook Air M1, 14-inch MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air M2, should work just well. Black Friday deals on MacBooks are the best you’ll find all year, with discounts on nearly every model and configuration. Hope now you know how to uninstall apps on Mac.