How to Make Your Snow

Do you long for a winter wonderland but have yet to see any fresh, white snowfall? You shouldn’t hold your breath for winter’s end. Making fake snow is easy if you follow the Scout Elves’ advice.

The Scout Elves have perfected numerous simple recipes for fake snow based on their extensive knowledge of the characteristics of North Pole snow. Miniature snowmen, snowballs, and even igloos can be constructed with ease from any of these. This novel approach to snowmaking is sure to provide kids with hours of entertainment.

How to Make Your Snow


How to Make Your Snow

How well do you fake snow? Yes, sir! Not only do we enjoy engaging in fun scientific activities, but also fantastic sensory play! Our usual fare consists of massive quantities of slime, including snow slime, but today e have something special to show you.

Discover the simple recipe for making your own sensory snow at home. It’s a breeze, in fact. Just how long does artificial snow last? If kept in an airtight container, it can keep for 7-10 days. As time goes on, it will collect moisture from the air and become a different consistency.

However, making more fake snow for play purposes is a breeze. You can enjoy your fake snow without gloves by pouring, mixing, and crumbling it into the desired texture.

Fluffy artificial snow can be decorated using snowflake cookie cutters and other winter-themed shapes. Make a polar bear blubber science experiment out of building a winter landscape with arctic animals.

Baking soda and shaving cream: Combine 1 pound of baking soda with shaving cream in increments until the mixture resembles freshly fallen snow. Allow the children to mix the snow by kneading the artificial snow with their hands.

Baking soda and water:¬†Mix 1 cup of baking soda with a few tablespoons of water in a bowl. Mix the two with a fork or a whisk, gradually adding more water. It’s ready for play when it’s fluffy and powdery.

Baking soda and conditioner: Make sure to use white conditioner in this recipe to achieve a realistic snow effect. Using a fork, combine 3 cups of baking soda with 1/2 cup of conditioner. You can build fantastic snowmen with this snow since it packs down tightly.

Shaving cream and cornstarch: Combine cornstarch and shaving cream (foam, not gel) in equal amounts for dense, frothy snow that is easy to sculpt.

Cornstarch and lotion: To make this powdery snow, combine equal quantities of cornstarch and lotion. Powderier snow can be achieved by using slightly less lotion than cornstarch.

Bonus tips! You may add sparkles or even essential scents to your fake snow to make it more realistic. The Scout Elves swear by the addition of peppermint oil, as it brings back fond memories of snowy winter holidays. Put your artificial snow in the freezer and it will feel as cold as the real thing. Kids will have a blast with your provision of cookie cutters, disposable cutlery, and snowman-decorating materials.


The kids have been begging to try their hands at making snow at home. I was surprised by how simple this Do It Yourself Snow Recipe really is. You only need two ingredients to make this fake indoor snow, which is perfect for a winter sensory bin activity.

It’s like playing with clouds. The kids will go crazy for it, and it beats the alternative of using cold, wet snow that rapidly turns to mush.