How To Make Discord Bot

Discord is a digital platform where users can do voice calls, text chatting, video chats, etc. It is a platform where you can make your own servers and invite people through “invite links”. You can have a private chat or make different rooms based on different things. It is basically a collection of different chat groups and voice chat channels available on a single server.

You can create your own server or join the most popular servers by their invite links. You can enjoy private talks, voice call rooms, and much more. You can also create bots to manage some tasks that you have to do again and again. It can also manage some activities etc.


What Is a Discord Bot?

A Discord bot can be proved to be a very helpful tool in managing your server and doing repetitive tasks for you. Some of its functions are listed below-

  1. Greeting newly joined members.
  2. Banning People.
  3. Adds Games.
  4. Adds Music.
  5. Used as Moderator of chats.
  6. Changing the content for influencers.

As some users think that it is a very difficult task, well it is the opposite of that. It is not as difficult. You don’t need any coding background or programming experience to add a bot to your server. Just follow these easy steps to add your bot.

How To Make a Bot on Discord?

First of all your bot needs to be well programmed to do its job as you expected and to do repetitive tasks and manage activities on your server successfully.

There are generally two ways of

  • Buy an online bot that is pre-made.
  • Make a new bot by yourself.

You can buy pre-made bots as they are free and fewer efforts are to be made. Sometimes they do require a subscription to buy a specific bot online or a one-time fee to buy it. You can also find Discord bots online just type in Discord bots and the activity you want it to perform.

Discord Bot

But there is also a way to build your bot from scratch all by yourself. As you build it you can set the preferences you like and make it just the way you wanted it. Do the activities as you wanted. So we are going to tell you how you can build your Discord bot all by yourself. These are some easy steps to do it.

How To Create a Discord Bot Account?

The very first thing that you might do is to create a Discord bot account. You cannot work or build your bot without creating your Discord bot account and you cannot use the Discord API or the Python libraries as well. Here are the steps to create a Discord Bot Account-

Step 1: You need to log into your discord account from the website. Go to the applications menu. Select the button “New Application “on the upper right side. Choose a “Name” for your application. Now click on “Create”.

Step 2: Now click on “Add Bot” inside Bot >Settings. Now select the “Yes, do it!” for confirmation. Now turn on the “Public Bot default settings”. And turn off the “Require OAuth2 Code Grant”.

Step 3: Now you will see a bot token – it will be used for logging in to discord for authentication. Rather than taking your username and password, it will only require a bot token. You should not send or share this token code anywhere and to somebody else. Anybody with the token can access and log into your bot account.

If you lost your token code, forget it, or shared it with somebody, you can regenerate this token, by going to the Regenerate token button. Now, You have successfully created your Discord Bot Account along with your Discord Bot.

How to Invite Your Bot to a Discord Server
You have created your discord bot, now you have to add this discord bot to your server. To do this you have to invite the bot into your discord server. These are some easy steps to do it.

Step 1: Select the “Scopes” menu under “OAuth2”.Then select the “Bot” Button.

Step 2: Give the permissions to your bot that you want to give depending on the things you want it to do. Copy the invite link, it will be used to invite the bot into your server. Open your browser and paste the invite link into the search bar.

Step 3: Select the “server” to add the bot. Click on “Authorize”. Now check if you have an option of “Manage Server permissions” as you cannot add this bot without this option.

You successfully have the Discord bot on your server.

How To Code a Discord Bot?

The last step to complete and finalize the discord bot is to write its code using the Discord API ( wrapper and browser-based IDE for example replit. Steps to write the code-

Step 1: First, go to the website of to create your account. Now you will be able to create a new Repl. Choose Python as your coding language. Type import discord inside of

Step 2: Click on Run and it will install this dependency. There is an option to write local code for your bot in any code-writing software.

To install

For windows, you can use py-3-m pip.

For macOS, you can use python3-m pip.


You can use these easy methods to create a discord bot and manage your discord server and grow your server to the next level.