Firestick Remote Not Working [RESOLVED]

The Amazon Fire Stick is used for operating Television sets by inserting them at the HDMI Port. This device is flexible to stream any online content with the help of Wi-fi. It can help the users to stream content from OTT apps and video streaming apps.

These apps include YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, SonyLIV, and other apps available on the Firestick. The remote control, along with the Firestick, helps in operating the devices. But, sometimes, the users have issues regarding the working of this device. Let’s get to know about them in detail.

Firestick Remote Not Working


What Causes the Firestick Remote To Not Work? 

If a device doesn’t work, there are a lot of reasons for it. To make it simple for you to understand the issue in detail.

We have done a lot of research before presenting the results to you. Below listed are some of our findings from the user data and repair mechanism metrics that solved the user issues earlier.

Bluetooth Connectivity issues: The lost connection between Firestick and remote may be the cause of this problem. This is one of the issues for its malfunctioning.

Remote not paired: For the device to work properly, the firestick needs to be paired with the device in a correct manner. Often, this is one of the reasons for the Firestick’s dysfunction.

The Distance between Remote and Device: The distance between Firestick and the device needs to be below 30 feet to make it function properly.

Dead or weak Batteries: Fully charged batteries are required for the Firestick to work properly without any kind of issues. Not changing the batteries of the device is one of the problems due to which this problem arises.

Remote Could Be Broken: If the remote is broken or faulty, the device won’t work and needs replacement.

Indeed, these are some of the most common issues and mistakes that are encountered for the causes of the Firestick remote issues and concerns.

1. Pairing The remote To Firestick

Pairing the remote to the Firestick is a little bit tricky process. But, you can easily ensemble them and do the process successfully by following the steps given below. These methods are proved to be worked for other users, and you can try these for a successful pairing.

  • Press and hold “Select + Home”.
  • Press and hold the “Home” button for 20 seconds.
  • Press and hold “Home + Play/Pause”.

After successful pairing, you will get to see a message on your Screen showing the Firestick remote is paired. If the Firestick remote is paired but, not working you can use “Select + play” for 5 seconds to restart the device.

If the Firestick remote is paired but still not working, you can proceed to the next method.

2. Power Cycle Firestick

In the second method, we will disconnect the power of the Firestick. This will help to reset the communications. This method is similar to restarting your computer’s router.

Unplug the power cable from the Firestick. After 30 seconds, try to reconnect the Firestick. After doing the process, check if the device is working or not.

3. Amazon FireTV App (An Alternative)

You can download the Amazon Fire TV app that is available on both Android and ios app stores. This when installed on your mobile, makes your mobile work as a remote. Make sure to connect both the mobile and device to the same wifi network.

This is made to ensure to build strong communication. This works the same as the remote, and searching for content through typing will be more easy and effective as compared. This app also has a feature called “Voice search” which helps you to search for content using your voice instead of typing.


If all the suggested methods don’t work for you then, there is a problem with your remote. The reason is the remote might be broken or fail its functioning. In such a case, you can opt to go for a new one, a replacement. If you think that your remote is working properly, you are open to contact the Amazon support team. The support team will try to solve your issue.