‘Black Lightning Season 4’ Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

On February 8, 2021, The CW aired the opening of the fourth and final season of the American television series Black Lightning. Based on the DC Comics character Jefferson Pierce / Black Lightning. The season is a joint effort between DC Entertainment, Warner Bros.

Television, DC Comics, and Berlanti Productions/Akil Productions. It follows the same timeline as the other Arrowverse shows because it takes place in the same universe.

It was announced in January of 2020 that a new season would be made, and production on it would begin in October of that year, with Salim Akil returning as showrunner. As the season progresses, we see Jefferson, now a high school principal in his second incarnation as Black Lightning, continuing his war against corruption in his hometown of Freeland.

Black Lightning Season 4

China Anne McClain, Nafessa Williams, Marvin “Krondon” Jones III, Christine Adams, Jordan Calloway, and James Remar are all back for the next season, joining series regulars Cress Williams as Jefferson.

In the fifth episode, “The Book of Ruin: Chapter One: Picking Up the Pieces,” Laura Kariuki takes over for McClain as Jennifer Pierce; McClain does make a comeback in the series finale.

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In the world of superhero television series, “Black Lightning” has carved its niche with a unique blend of action, drama, and socio-political themes. As fans gear up for Season 4, the anticipation is palpable. Here’s everything you need to know about the forthcoming season of “Black Lightning”.


When will Black Lightning Season 4 be on Netflix in the US?

As per the previous output agreement Netflix had with The CW, Black Lightning is still available in the US. We haven’t seen any indication that fresh seasons are being added to Netflix 8 days after the finale airs, despite the fact that this is the standard.

Assuming an 8-day release window, the show would hit Netflix in the United States on June 1, 2021. There will be updates provided.

Black Lightning Season 4 International Netflix Release Date

The show is available on Netflix in the UK, Australia, and Canada, among other places, as a Netflix Original. A few of the previous seasons were initially made available on Netflix in other countries on a weekly basis, but this practise was discontinued after the third season.

It will instead premiere on Netflix around the same time as the United States. To yet, only Netflix Canada has announced that they will be streaming Black Lightning Season 4 on June 29th, 2021. We anticipate this happening in other regions as well but will keep you updated.

Are you anticipating the upcoming season 4 of Black Lightning on Netflix? Please share your thoughts in the discussion below.

Teaser for Black Lightning Season 4

Black Lightning’s Jefferson Pierce is taking a different tack with his superhero profession in the season four trailer. The man confesses, “I can no longer be the man I was” in the video. Black Lightning was attempting to save the world.

I’m just trying to protect my loved ones. He continues to assert that the hero is no longer with us, but it appears that his fans aren’t going to give up without a fight.

Fans can extrapolate from this that Jefferson will have a hard time adjusting to his new role as Black Lightning in the series’ closing episodes.

Black Lightning Season 4 Cast:

The cast of “Black Lightning” has been lauded for its stellar performances. In Season 4, viewers can expect the return of key characters:

  • Jefferson Pierce / Black Lightning (Cress Williams): The protagonist and a high school principal turned superhero.
  • Anissa Pierce / Thunder and Lightning (Nafessa Williams): Jefferson’s elder daughter with superpowers.
  • Jennifer Pierce / Lightning (China Anne McClain): The younger daughter discovering her abilities.
  • Lynn Stewart (Christine Adams): Jefferson’s ex-wife.
  • Other supporting characters and potential new faces will surely enrich the storyline.

Black Lightning Season 4 Plotline:

While the precise details of Season 4’s plot remain under wraps, the previous season set up numerous story arcs. From the challenges faced by the Pierce family due to their powers to the socio-political undercurrents of Freeland, Season 4 promises deeper explorations, more thrilling confrontations, and a continued focus on family dynamics.

Ratings of Black Lightning Season 4:

While ratings for Season 4 will be determined post its premiere, the series has consistently garnered positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, emphasizing its fresh perspective within the superhero genre.

Where Can I Watch Black Lightning Season 4?

“Black Lightning” airs on The CW. Once episodes are broadcasted, they are typically available on The CW’s official website and app. Additionally, platforms like Netflix often host the series for streaming post its season conclusion.

How Many Episodes of Black Lightning Season 4?

While the exact episode count can vary, previous seasons have followed a pattern of approximately 13-16 episodes. A similar range can be anticipated for Season 4.

Black Lightning Season 4 Writers:

The series was developed by Salim Akil, who has been pivotal in shaping the show’s narrative. Together with a talented team of writers, Akil has managed to bring depth and relevance to the superhero tale.

Black Lightning Season 4 Opening Theme:

The iconic opening theme, capturing the essence of the show, is set to return, immersing viewers into the world of Black Lightning instantly.

Black Lightning Season 4 Original Network:

“Black Lightning” is a proud production of The CW, where it has found its dedicated audience.

Has Black Lightning Finished?

After four impactful seasons, “Black Lightning” concluded with its final episode in 2021. While the main series has ended, its legacy continues, and there’s always the possibility of spin-offs, appearances in the Arrowverse, or other adaptations in the future.

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Black Lightning’s DVD release date has changed several times since the show’s first announcement.

A DVD release date couldn’t be determined with any degree of certainty, given that the series finale wouldn’t air until February 2021. Since this is the last season, there was no urgency to release the DVD before the next season started airing.

“Black Lightning Season 4” marks a significant chapter in a series that has been both entertaining and thought-provoking. While the show may have reached its conclusion, its impact and the discussions it sparked will continue to resonate. For fans and new viewers alike, Season 4 promises to be a fitting tribute to the saga of the Pierce family.