Violet Evergarden Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

One of the most beloved anime of all time, Violet Evergarden won and broke the hearts of countless viewers around the world because to its touching and unexpected story.

As the first season progressed, we learned feelings alongside Violet, the doll who lacked any sort of emotional attachment.

Inspiring and well-written, the plot keeps viewers engrossed and invested in the lives of its characters. The first season was very well regarded all across the world. And now, after more than two years, we wait, desperately hoping for Season 2.

Violet Evergarden Season 2

As soon as the series finale aired, it caused a worldwide sensation and a huge void in our hearts. There has always been discussion about a second season of the amazing show.


Everything We Know About Violet Evergarden

The protagonist, Violet Evergarden, is a cold-hearted soldier whose story takes place “after the war.” She is able to see how the war affects people all over the world in her role as Auto Memory Doll.

You’ll laugh out loud at her naivete and cry your eyes out at the same time.

The final words of her guardian and mentor, Major Gilbert, were “I love you,” and now her entire existence is focused on deciphering their meaning.

Trivia: Episode 10 of Violet Evergarden has the most heartbreaking moments.

Which Studio Is Making Violet Evergarden: Season 2?

The first season and both feature films’ animation was done by Kyoto Animation. Unless the anime is restarted (which seems doubtful), the second season will also likely take place in Kyoto.

Kyoto Animation excels at visualising emotionally charged anime, as evidenced by the stunning presentation of Hyouka.

Thus, we think they would be justified if, by some miracle, they were once again given the opportunity to produce Violet Evergarden: Season 2.

 What Is The Primary Plot Of The Series?

This anime is one of a kind because of the touching story it tells. The story’s central figure, an automatic memory doll named “Violet Evergarden,” becomes more rounded as we go on.

The Violet Evergarden books focus on Dr. Orlando making a memory doll for his wife.

They were made so that his blind wife could continue writing novels. Others paid for the services of these dolls in the end.

The story also centres on Violet Evergarden’s readjustment to civilian life once she returns home from war.

She moves up the ranks in the author’s company and keeps at her previous job, which involves making letters people can use to get in touch with one another.

It’s expected that the next season would pick up right where the last one left off and impress viewers.

From the doll’s past to her present, we saw a wide range of colours during the first season. She was created so a blind woman may write her autobiography with ease.

When we dug more into the show, we learned that Violet was a war survivor, but she was not a victim.

Our hero actually was a female soldier. Her journey was fraught with anxiety because she had lost a loved one in the war.

The importance of Major Gilbert to her was not immediately clear, but was revealed throughout the first season.

We saw an incident where a severely hurt Gilbert made an effort to communicate with Violet.


To this point, there has been no confirmation of a second season for Violet Evergarden. Despite the fact that the series is a huge success and is one of the few anime to have helped define the slice-of-life genre.

The franchise has expanded beyond its initial season with additional feature films that elaborate on various subplots and events that occur after the first season concluded.

Therefore, fans wouldn’t mind seeing Violet Evergarden: Season 2 even though much of her path has already been revealed.