Anilinkz Alternatives: 6 Sites Like Anilinkz to Watch Anime in 2023

Animation has become quite popular in recent times among people. In previous times it had been considered that animation is only liked by children and kids. However, the trend has changed it is preferred by people of all age groups from kids to adults. Animation completes the cinematic world with its unique presence in people’s minds. It makes them emotional, happy, joyful, sorrow, etc which proves to be a sign of vital entertainment to the audience.

Like normal movies and tv shows, animation also has various online streaming websites. It provides viewers with an amazing display of animated movies, cartoons, and series. There are plenty of websites available that offer animation videos but before watching, one must be aware that the site you are binging on must be safe and secure enough to use.


One such platform which is safe enough to binge on your favorite animation movies is Anilinkz. Anilinkz is an online streaming website that is prominent for watching animated cartoons and movies without any charge. It also embarks HD quality in their content which makes content much better to enjoy.

But as I said, there are plenty of sites available that offers animated content and Anilinkz also isn’t perfect and has its own defaults, this article will cover the best 6 alternatives for Anilinkz that could help you in watching your favorite animated content. So, get ready to find out your preferred platform.

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6 Best Anilinkz Alternatives to Watch Anime in 2022

Here down below there is a list of online websites that provides you with your favorite animated content without any hindrance. These listed websites are safe to use but one thing must be noted that these websites come with different features. So do try every website and find out which suits you perfectly.

1. GoGo Anime

GoGo Anime is an amazing online streaming website that could really suit up as an alternative for Anilinkz as it is quite similar to that. It contains a huge number of animated movies, shows cartoons, etc in their library which could provide you with a variety of options to choose from.

There is a myth regarding the website that is only for Japanese audiences but it not true at all as it contains various other animated stuff with subtitles. Also, GoGo Anime have added dubbed several shows in the English language making it easier for viewers all across the globe to access the site. It is very to access and use this website as we need no registration and only a few numbers of ads pop up while binging.

2. KissAnime

KissAnime is a prominent website and is famous for providing viewers with quality animated series as well as cartoons. It contains a wide range of series from Japanese anime to Korean anime which is quite popular among the youths. Also, it provides viewers with downloading facilities that allow viewers to save their content and watch it later.

Moreover, it also provides you anime movies with English dubbed and other dubbed versions in HD quality. One problem which arises in this site is that too many ads pop up while binging the content which could be irritating to many people so that could come as a hindrance except that this website is definitely worth trying.

3. Anime Lab

Anime Lab TV is another alternative website for Anilinkz. This website contains a large variety of content but all of it is not available to viewers as they have to buy a premium subscription to get access to all content.

Apart from this, all the stuff on the site are consists of multiple categories such as Popular Shows, Latest Series, and Genres, etc. Also, this website has an app that is available on the Play Store and Apple store. So you can download it and enjoy your binging.

4. Anime Freak

Anime freak is one best websites that could replace Anilinkz as it is very similar to it and has upgraded features in comparison to it. This website is completely free and provides viewers with dubbed and subbed animations online. They possess content in various languages covering animations from various countries and provide them with HD quality.

Similar to the other anime streaming websites, Anime freak also offers a search bar. You can search for the movies according to a series title, genre, or another related thing. Do try out this site and explore its content, maybe you will find your preferences over there.

5. AnimePlanet

Anime-Planet is an online animation streaming that provides you with access to over 45000 legal, industry-supported animation videos. With a wide range of content, it gives the viewer a basket of options to choose from and find their content.

Moreover, it is completely free to use you just require to register with an ID. Then you can start binging. One of the most unique features that this site provides is that it also offers people an anime list that keeps your place when you watch videos on their site.

6. Chia Anime

Chia-Anime is a primeval website due to its existence for a long time on the internet. It provides its viewers with a large variety of content in its media center covering different genres. For example, Adventure, Ninja, Alien, Romance, etc, and that too without any charge.

It allows streaming in English as well as in Japanese and also provides subtitles and dubbed versions of various movies. This site is very easy to use and could be a perfect alternative for Anilinkz. So do try this site and find out the content that you love.

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As discussed, there are various websites available that provide you with animated videos and movies. However, it totally depends on you what kind of site you want and prefer. The list provided above gives you the 6 best alternatives for Anilinkz. Also, it provides you with your favorite content without any hindrance. So do try these sites and find out what suits you best.