We know about the 5G network coming on to the life of the people. AT&T and Verizon are set on doing the activation and there is resistance from the Airlines because they are saying that the towers will cause problems with the flights. Many airlines have also canceled many flights because this seems to be a complete disaster.

We don’t know what is entailing to all of this but it seems that the phone carriers are not going to stop. They are pushing more and more to get the activation done soon enough. The work for the 5G network had been going on at full force for more than a year and now it seems there is no stopping it.

5G Rollout is A Mess in The United States

There had always been the resistance from the Airlines because they are saying that the new spectrum is going to cause havoc at the air travel. The results can be catastrophic. The radars on the airplanes are most probably the ones that are going to be affected by the phone towers.

This is a very serious problem that can not be ignored. Imagine so many passengers either stranded or risk the flight with no guarantee that Nothing bad is going to happen. The best-case scenario, according to officials, is that they have to “spend millions of dollars and a lot more hours in order to design, procure, and install new radar altimeters. ”

The worst-case scenario is the accidents that will happen, the loss of life, and the heavy damage of property. Do we really want this at the risk of getting some high-speed internet? That does not sound to be very practical does it? Well, we don’t know what is going to happen. Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon and no life is going to be lost in the entire process.