Will There be Another Season of Maid

Given the current national dialogue surrounding the issue of domestic violence, a show like Maid is well-timed to educate viewers.

A Margaret Qualley-starring Netflix series debuted that same day, October 1, 2021. A memoir by Stephanie Land entitled “Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive” served as inspiration for the film.

Will There be Another Season of Maid

The series is based on Land’s real-life experiences as a young mother trying to escape an abusive relationship and make ends meet by taking a job cleaning houses. The show was 10 episodes long and received rave reviews for its compassionate treatment of the subject matter.


Has Maid been Renewed for a Second Season?

Netflix has not yet hinted at renewing Maid for a second season, despite the show being advertised as a limited series.

But other limited series (like HBO’s Big Little Lies and The White Lotus), which premiered to great popularity and multiple award nominations, have won renewals. With Maid’s premiere last Friday and its continued presence in the Top 10 since then, Netflix may choose to renew the drama.

However, after its premiere, Netflix nominated Maid for a Limited Series Emmy, indicating that it considers the season to be complete.

Comparatively, Netflix hopes that the K-drama smash Squid Game will return for a second season by submitting it to the Emmys as a Drama Series.

Maid Season 2 Release Date: When Will it Air?

When or if Maid will return for a second season on Netflix is unknown. This memoir adaptation is being sold as a limited series,

And after the way it ended, that seems unlikely to change (more on that later). Still, we wouldn’t put down even a dime if we thought this was the final chapter. Season two, should it be approved, will likely premiere sometime in late 2022 or early 2023.

Maid Season 2 Cast: Who’s in it?

If the show continues, we can count on seeing familiar faces like Alex (Margaret Qualley), Maddy (Rylea Nevaeh Whittet), Sean (Nick Robinson), and Alex’s mom Paula (Andie MacDowell) in future episodes.

There is also the possibility of appearances by Alex’s father Hank (Billy Burke) and Regina (Anika Noni Rose). Andie MacDowell, who plays Alex’s misdiagnosed bipolar mother in the show.

Recently spoke with Collider about her experience in the role and working with her real-life daughter Margaret Qualley, who suggested her for the part.

What is the Plot of Maid Season 2?

While it’s true that Netflix doesn’t typically renew limited series past their expiration date (otherwise, “The Queen’s Gambit” would already be on its second season). It doesn’t mean there isn’t enough story for a second instalment of “Maid.”

In order to focus on sobriety, Sean (Nick Robinson) and Alex’s (Margaret Qualley) battle over Maddy’s (Rylea Nevaeh Whittet) custody is put on hold at the end of Season 1.

Alex can now follow her lifelong desire of attending college in Missoula, Montana, by making this move. Paula (Andie MacDowell), Alex’s mother, had originally planned to travel with her daughter and granddaughter to their new home.

But she ultimately decided to stay behind and be with her new lover instead. As a result, as one generation frees itself from a destructive cycle, the next generation becomes more committed to continuing it.


An emotionally engaging drama with compelling themes of marital violence, economic hardship, and the importance of family. Alex, the heroine, is a young single mother who has turned to maid work in the hopes of providing a better future for herself and her child.