Top 8 Online Video Cropper in 2023

Videos are one of the most important forms of content in today’s time. The demand for video content is constantly growing. Audio-visuals are used for both personal and professional goals nowadays.

From blogs, business advertisements to entertainment, videos are simply rocking the digital stage today. This is why creating high-quality video content a must to attain significant traffic, and the quality is mainly determined by editing. You can use many tactics and factors you need to keep in mind when editing a video.

Top 7 Online Video Cropper in 2021


Top 7 Online Video Cropper in 2021

This piece will help you explore some of the most accessible and convenient tools for cropping videos online. Cropping is a significant part of video-making and needs sheer attention from editors. These Video Cropper tools shall help you crop any video with ease.

1. Ezgif Video Crop

If you want to crop video online easily and yet get a professional result, you can use Wzgif to do so! This application can crop many types of audio-visuals such as FLV, 3GP, MOV, AVI, and more. You will have no issues with compatibility when using this application. You can easily take advantage pick videos from the local system’s hard drive or input an URL for downloading the file.

Moreover, it is pretty flexible for users to choose the cropping area. You can use an adjustable window tool or just adjust a value to get the right frame that you want. If you’re going to fit a video when playing on a device, you can simply alter the aspect ratio, encoding, or output format. Mentioned above were some of the basics. You can do much more with this application. Keep exploring its features to find out more!

2. InVideo

Another amazing tool to use for cropping your video is InVideo. It is an application with multiple features and allows you to crop video online & edit your videos professionally. InVideo has many inbuilt templates. You can also upload your own templates if you want. You can do ha by clicking on the top-right edge of the screen.


As you do that, you will see the previews of many layers in your audio-visual. If you want to crop it, you can just click on the particular layer and make your adjusting. InVideo is entirely free and super easy to use. You can download it in no time, and it will not consume much space on our device. Also, Invideo is a hundred percent safe and secure app to download.

3. Kapwing

Kapwing has excellent reviews when it comes to cropping videos. It is specially designed for cropping and resizing the loaded videos for sharing on specific social platforms. It provides no open entrances for cutting off videos. Taking help from it, you shall have no issues in cropping the video to perfect dimensions that shall add padding to avoid haphazard cropping.

You only have to upload your clip, pick a platform, resize and share it. You can share it directly and quickly! It also lets you play and view your video both before and after cropping. You can cherish many advantages from this application, including supporting any social media, resizing the video, trimming clips to suit the length of the video, and more.

4. Filelab

If you are looking for simple software to crop your videos, you can try out Filelab. It focuses on letting you edit your videos, crop and add music easily. You can also add many special effects to your video with this application. But it offers an even easier procedure in cropping your video.

But it has a cropping tool right on its menu bar that you can just select and use to crop your video. The process is quick and easy as it does not need any browser extension. It supports various file formats and offers an amazing package for newbies who are editing or cropping their videos for the first time.

5. Shotclip Maker

This one comes with a really smart and clean-cut interface. It gives many options for cropping your clips, and you can play on an advanced level. Shortclip is often used for professional editing purposes. It retains the original resolution of the video, and you can also increase the resolution when you export it.

You can trim, cut, and even add cropping effects to your video as per your choice. It also has marvelous options for adding music and editing the audio track. It keeps a simple workflow, and the features are easy to understand. This application is easily accessible if you want to download it. You can search for the latest version online to download it on your device now.

6. MP3care Crop Video

This is a browser-centric online video trimming and cropping application. It can provide you complete control of the cropping tactic from all angles. You can crop your video manually with the help of your mouse.

MP3care Crop Video

This helps you to get the result that you are precisely looking for. You do not have to depend on automated tools for editing. Tweaking or changing the frame or altering the trim is super-easy when it comes to MP3care. Feel free to explore its other features too!

7. Online Video Cropper Cutter

This is another option that you can consider to crop your videos perfectly. If y is in a hurry and has an already exported file with you, this app will speed up the task for you. Its interface is super easy to understand ad you need not be a techie to use it.

You can quickly crop your clips at the last minute and get your video ready. You cannot just crop your video but also fiddle with the first and the previous sliders in order to get rid of unwanted video parts.

8. FlexClip

FlexClip offers a suite of simple online video editing tools. You can use its crop functionality to crop your videos for various usage. Mostly used for creating short videos, FlexClip lets you crop videos online.

Whether you’re looking to create a social media video, a YouTube intro, or a video ad,  FlexClip is a super intuitive video creation tool that will enable you to make professional-quality videos in minutes, even if you are a newbie. It comes pre-built with everything you need to create fancy videos, from ready video templates to stock footage and a super user-friendly editor.

The Bottom Line

The Video Cropper tools mentioned above are highly effective for quickly and conveniently cropping your videos. The best part is that they are compatible with most of the file formats. The features of each application can easily be understood and controlled by a new mind in editing. You can explore a few from the above list to see which one suits your editing needs the best!