Son Not Alone. Millions Young His

Throughout his trial, he is segregated in a cage. He confided in me via the bars that he would perish in custody.

Journalist Mohamed Ibrahim and blogger Abdel Rahman Tarek, two Egyptians who had spent years in “pre-trial imprisonment” without being charged, attempted suicide earlier this year. Like these, there are many more instances.

Son Not Alone. Millions Young His


Alaa Has Been Deathd a Slow, Painful Death for the Past Two Years.

He was imprisoned without charge in pre-trial detention for the bulk of that time. Due to criticism from all around the world for the use of indefinite detentions to end, he was put on trial in a new case in October before a state security court.

Mohamed Oxygen, a human rights attorney who defended Alaa during Mohamed al-detention, Baqer’s is also accused of disseminating false information. Defense lawyers were unable to present a defence because they were denied access to the case file.

We now know that Alaa is being tried for retweeting a message about the death of the prisoner even though he is being incarcerated in the same jail where a prisoner died after being tortured.

Alaa and the other defendants will be sentenced on Monday. This punishment cannot be appealed.

Pressure from the US and EU on Egypt’s Leadership

Pressure from the US and EU on Egypt’s government to strengthen human rights laws is only intended to placate a portion of its own population.

The Egyptian government is responding appropriately as a result. They realise that “clean up your human rights law” really means “please don’t embarrass us.”

Egypt recently unveiled a fantastic national human rights strategy, for instance. After meeting with their Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shoukry two months later, American authorities declared that they “welcomed the notion” and would “continue with the policy.” discussion of human rights

Advocates for Human Rights

True supporters for human rights won’t be fooled by written plans; instead, they’ll look for practical solutions, like freeing the generation that is being slowly but surely killed in prison for having free thoughts and speaking their minds.

Final Words

Alaa makes reference to the “northern allies who cried, ‘Not on our behalf!’ as the bombs landed on Baghdad” in the essay I just mentioned. Americans, Britons, and people from other northern nations routinely ask me how they can assist me.

They should analyse their governments’ international policies with the same rigour that they do their own internal policies, I counsel them to do. Alaa’s response is once more to improve your own democracy. Protect it from damage. Volunteering is the only other way to assist.