No Man’s Sky Failed to Join Lobby

Because of your ISP’s network restrictions, you might be unable to join the lobby in No Man’s Sky. Additionally, the error under discussion could be brought on by an outdated game version or your device’s operating system.

When the affected user or any of his friends attempt to join a game, they both experience the error. After a game crash while they were playing with their friends, some users encountered the problem. On Windows (Xbox App), Steam, and Xbox versions of the game, the problem is reported.

No Man's Sky Failed to Join Lobby

Ensure that Network Play is enabled in the game’s settings before continuing with the solutions. Additionally, try switching your network cable’s ports.


Solution 1: Restarting the Game and System.

The problem might be a momentary software or communication module malfunction. Restarting the system and the game will fix the bug.

We will discuss the procedure for the Steam client on a Windows PC as an example.

  1. Shut down Steam and the game.
  2. Next, select Task Manager from the menu that appears by performing a right-click on the Windows button.
  3. Next, ensure that no processes associated with the game or launcher are active.
  4. To see if the problem has been fixed, launch the Steam client and then the game.
  5. If not, restart your computer and see if the error has been fixed in the game.

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Solution 2: Try a Different Network

ISPs use a variety of parameters to control web traffic and protect users. Sometimes during this procedure, a source that is crucial to the game’s functionality becomes blocked, which leads to the current problem. Utilizing a different network in this case might help to resolve the issue.

  1. Stop playing the game and unplug your device from the current network.
  2. Now connect your system to a different network (if none are available, try using the hotspot on your mobile phone). For example, if you are experiencing problems with Ethernet, try using Wi-Fi and vice versa.
  3. After that, launch No Man’s Sky to see if the error has been fixed.

Solution 3: Use the Same Game Mode for All Players. Taking Part in a Multiplayer Game

There is a known bug in the No Man’s Sky game that prevents users from playing multiplayer matches if their respective game modes differ.

For example, if you are using normal mode while your friend is using experimental, you may run into the problem at hand. In this case, the issue might be resolved by assigning each player to the same game mode—preferably normal.

But be aware that if the game’s mode is changed, you might lose your progress. We will go over the procedure for the Steam client to make things clearer.

  1. Open the Steam client and go to the Library.
  2. Now select Properties from the context menu by right-clicking No Man’s Sky.
  3. Next, select the Beta tab.
  4. Type 3xperimental into the text box and then click Check Code.
  5. Next, select “Experimental” from the dropdown menu under “Select the beta you would like to opt into.” Select NONE – Opt-out of Programs from the dropdown menu if you want to reject beta testing.
  6. Next, make sure that every player attempting to play the game is using the same game mode, and then start the game to see if the error has been fixed.

Solution 4: Invite the Friend Using the Previous Save.

The corrupt user profile may be the cause of the problem (or due to change in the game mode). In this situation, restarting the game from the previous save might fix the issue. This procedure should be carried out on the player who is having trouble joining the game.

  1. Go to the Options tab in the game’s menu.
  2. After doing so, wait for the previous save to load before clicking Reload Previous.
  3. Click the escape button to bring up the menu after the game has started using the previous save.
  4. Next, select Invite Friends under Network & Voice.
  5. Click Invite for your friend now in the list of friends, and then verify that there are no errors in the game.

Solution 5: Allow Access in the Xbox Privacy Settings.

If your Xbox privacy settings prevent other users from viewing your content, you might experience the mentioned error. In this case, enabling universal access to your content might be the answer.

  1. Go to the settings page and select Privacy and Online Safety from the window’s left pane.
  2. Next, select the Xbox One/Windows 10 Online Safety tab from the window’s right pane.
  3. Next, enable the option that says You can join multiplayer games by scrolling down until you find it.
  4. Ensure that the Allow Access to Uploaded Content option is turned on. If you are unable to locate the aforementioned option, your Xbox profile has you listed as being underage; in this case, change your birthdate to get rid of the age restrictions. Ask the parent account to change the setting if you are using a family’s child account.
  5. After the game has been launched, see if the error has been fixed.

Solution 6: Check the No Man’s Sky Files’ Integrity

A sudden power outage is just one of many factors that can cause the game’s crucial files to become corrupt. The current problem with lobby joining may have a similar cause.

In this case, using the Steam client’s built-in tool to check the game files’ integrity might be the answer to the issue.

  1. Launch the Steam client’s library.
  2. Now select Properties from the context menu by right-clicking No Man’s Sky.
  3. After that, select Verify Integrity of Game Files under the Local Files tab.
  4. After the verification process is finished, launch the game to make sure everything is working properly.

Solution 7: Update the Game to the Most Recent Build

No Man’s Sky has been updated to enhance performance and add fresh content. If you are playing an out-of-date version of the game, you might run into the current issue.

In this case, updating the game to the most recent build might fix the issue. We will use the Microsoft Store procedure as an example.

  1. Launch the Microsoft Store and find the game page.
  2. Next, see if there is a game update available. Install it if so. If there isn’t an update option, clicking Play might bring up a prompt asking you to install a quick game update.
  3. After that, start the game and make sure everything is running smoothly.
  4. Click Install on My Devices to finish the process if there was no update available at step 2. Open the game page in the Microsoft Store once more to see if an update is available. Install it if so.
  5. Run No Man’s Sky now to make sure everything is working properly.

Solution 8: Update the System Drivers to the Newest Build

Your hardware devices are being driven by the system drivers. These drivers receive regular updates to address known bugs and stay current with new technological advancements while also enhancing performance.

The issue might be resolved in this case by updating Windows (many OEM prefer to use the Windows Update channel to update system drivers) and system drivers to the most recent build.

  1. Upgrade your system’s Windows to the most recent build.
  2. Update the system drivers next. Visit the manufacturer’s website to download the most recent drivers for your system; this will be a better idea. Use these applications to update the relevant drivers if you are using Nvidia GeForce Experience or Dell Support Assist.
  3. Launch the game after updating the system drivers to ensure smooth operation.

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Solution 9: Update the Firmware on Your Gaming Console

Your console’s firmware is updated frequently to stay current with new technological developments and to improve performance by fixing known bugs.

If your console’s firmware is not updated to the most recent build, you might experience the current error. We’ll go over the Xbox update procedure to clarify.

  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller to launch Guide.
  2. Go to Settings after selecting Profile & System.
  3. Go ahead and click System, then click Updates & Downloads.
  4. Install the update if one is available for the console.
  5. Verify that the game is free of the error after updating the firmware on your console.
  6. If not, hold down the power button on your console while you wait for it to turn off.
  7. After waiting for a minute, switch the device on.
  8. After that, start the game to see if the error has been fixed.