Moving Over: A Powerhouse of Black Dance Is Retiring (Mostly)

On the other hand, the school is not a part of the company. For the first ten years of its existence, it served as a school for our business; but, after purchasing the building, we changed the use. The school is responsible for paying the business rent.

I chose to retain the school for profit since I was a single mother and needed a source of income.

Moving Over: A Powerhouse of Black Dance Is Retiring (Mostly)

A new charter school that will be constructed by the String Theory School is expected to be called the Joan Myers Brown School of the Arts.


You have a School that Bears your Name.

Ali [Willingham, creative director of Danco3] is there because he instructs in the manner in which I prefer to learn; he is skilled, deconstructs movements, calls for progress, and doesn’t flaunt.

I created a programme for individuals who exhibit a sincere interest in taking classes and performing because many of our young people are more concerned in getting noticed than mastering a skill.

Have you Heard of the “Black Lives Matter” Movement?

Three times—in 1962, 1988, and 1995—that occurred to me. When white individuals in positions of authority tell you to help Black people, you help us. However, when the money runs out, they disappear.

Have you ever noticed that a Black model appears in every Dance Magazine advertisement? It sounds as though someone is bragging when they say, “I got one!”

Do you Consider the I.A.B.D. Conferences to be the Black Dance Community’s Centre of Operations?

We were happy to be together even though we were a disaster at our first few conferences. The quartet is made up of Cleo [Parker Robinson], Ann [Williams], Jeraldyne [Blunden], and Lula [Washington], all of whom are from Denver.

As a result, we were able to learn new things about our organisations and those of others who were engaged in similar activities.

It was stated that Mikki Shepard brought us together for DanceUSA. I was a member of DanceUSA’s board at that time. I declared, “I’ve got to walk out of here and begin my own business. This is not helping black people.”

Last Words

They wish to ignore our lessons, which is fine, but I think the experience was worthwhile. The IABD has developed into an organisation that offers a variety of services to its members since it began as a casual get-together to share information.