He struggled with learning how to handle his lanky form in addition to his self-doubts. It’s difficult to execute pyrotechnics while standing so height, according to McKenzie. “A compactness of the centre is necessary to coordinate and lift the body.”

An Unassuming Prince Dons the Velvet Cloak at Ballet Theater

Forster’s extremely flexible joints made it considerably more challenging and led to multiple injuries. In his own words, Forster, “I’m a real loosey-goosey.

An Unassuming Prince Dons the Velvet Cloak at Ballet Theater

When I was younger, my left shoulder would subluxate—not completely dislocate—but pop in and out if I lifted someone above my head. It stung and made him feel less valuable as a business partner. 14 years ago, he underwent surgery to address the issue.

By engaging in a range of workouts, he has been able to strengthen his areas of weakness. His career has “really taken off” since he started six years ago, he noted. He began his full-body workout with boxing techniques.

During the epidemic, he started following an internet exercise plan with a kettlebell and a pull-up bar. The increased strength has resulted in an increase in self-confidence.

“I thought, shortly before the outbreak, he’s ready to take on the major roles,” McKenzie said. He played the lead in the Ratmansky ballet “Of Love and Rage,” which had its world premiere in March in Costa Mesa, California.

Bold dancing, challenging partnering, and previously problematic pyrotechnics were all required. Just as he was about to get the hang of it, everything went black.

It’s not nearly as tough to lose momentum when you’re just getting started as a dancer as it is for Forster, who was 34 at the time. There was a period when he questioned whether he could still perform the task.

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