Zero Covid Strategy Abandoned

New Zealand had now abandoned the zero Covid Strategy. This is one of the latest countries to do so. New Zealand had now known to have to be very strict about the Covid cases, and they have placed serious restrictions and then had a strict strategy in place to make sure that there are no Covid cases in the country. Thus this name of zero Covid Strategy, I think that is pretty self-explanatory and makes a lot of sense.

New Zealand had been known to have adopted one of the world’s strictest approaches in order to get rid of the coronavirus. However, with the delta variant of the coronavirus at work, the number of cases seems to be on the rise.

Zero Covid Strategy Abandoned

On Monday, New Zealand had made a statement that no one had seen coming. New Zealand had announced that they are now abandoning the zero Covid Strategy. They have said that the government is no longer going to pursue an approach of eliminating all the Covid cases.

This zero Covid strategy, if you are not aware of it, had also been employed by several other countries across the globe, like the likes of China and Taiwan. This strategy involves strict lockdowns and extensive testing. There is also the matter of heavily controlled or closed borders. The strategy is also known to have included robust contact tracing systems and quarantine mandates.

The move of New Zealand was not suspected to becoming. Still, if we look at it, then it is definitely coming after a lockdown in the city of Auckland that had very badly failed to do the job of stopping the virus in the face of the delta variant. It is now given in to calculation and now had been estimated to be 60% more transmissible than the alpha variant.

So in simple words, the delta variant of the coronavirus is more deadly and more contagious. In such a situation, the spread of the virus is complicated. And the zero Covid strategy does not seem to work very well in such cases, so New Zealand had given it up.