15 Best Sites Like ‘YouTube’ Alternatives

YouTube is known to be one of the video-sharing sites which is considered to be the largest in the world. Around 300 videos are uploaded per minute on Youtube. This is quite in a large amount. In this site, one can create a profile, comment on videos that are shared there.

Users can also earn money from their channels. Youtube is one of the suitable sites where independent artists, as well as vloggers, can showcase their talents by uploading videos. Youtube is a site where one can find each and every subject of their choice.


It can be either video of how to cook different dishes or any movies or different popular TV shows. Additionally, the company has launched a new service known as Youtube premium. Additional channels, as well as exclusive contents, are present in premium.

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15 Best Video Sharing and Upload Sites Like YouTube

Besides Youtube, there are many other video-sharing sites that can be used. 15 other alternatives to Youtube are mentioned below.

1. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is one of the sites which was launched just one month after Youtube was launched. This site still continues to be the main competitor of Youtube. Similar to Youtube, in Dailymotion users can upload videos as well as browse content.

This site is a fusion of professional and amateur content. This site attracts over 300 million users per month. Just like Youtube, Dailymotion has also allowed users to earn money based on the number of views of the uploaded videos.

One can join Dailymotion free of cost. Additionally, users can upload videos for free. On the other hand, there are a few guidelines that have to be followed by the user. The user can upload 10 videos per day, 2 hours of video each day, and lastly, videos should be of 60minutes each. The limitation of file size is 2GB.

2. Metacafe

Metacafe provides users a much simpler site to upload and browse content. This company mainly focuses on content that is generally in short form. For example -reviews, music videos, news clips. Users mainly favor watching shorts as well as funny videos.

One can join and also upload videos free of cost. The majority of the videos that are uploaded in this site are approximately 90- seconds to 180-seconds. The file size is limited to 100MB to ensure that the users are creating short videos to upload to the site.

There is no provision to automatically add videos to Metacafe. After the user uploads the videos, a community of almost 80,000 volunteers watch the video. Thereafter, they decide whether the video is suitable to add to the public Metacafe channels or not.

3. Vimeo

Vimeo is one of the streaming services that allow the creators of content to upload videos of any size. This site has also partnered with famous studios as well as producers so that they can release content of high quality. This will also help to browse their site is free.

The site on the other hand restricts the size of data that the user can upload per week. The length of the uploading file depends on the plan that the user will choose. Monetization is absent in Vimeo but this site has a ‘tip jar’ button underneath each video.

Thereby, users have the provision to upload up to 500MB of video each week as well as 10 videos per day. The Plus Plan costs around $9.95 per month. This has the provision to upload 5GB of video each week. Additionally, this site has the option to display 1080P HD videos.

4. Veoh

In this site, users can find a blend of user-uploaded content and studio content. This site is a platform where the viewer can find innumerable short videos, TV shows, movies, and also anime. Some of the features of this site are only available in the United States.

For example, studio-produced TV shows from major networks. You can also start uploading videos for free if you want to. Uploading videos or the length of each video is limitless in Veoh.

This site also has the provision of a streamlined interface for both browsing and sharing content. The majority of publishers take advantage of the features of this site. This helps them to distribute videos to friends and communities in a better and easier way.

5. Crackle

Crackle is owned by Sony. Additionally, it is a video streaming service. This site has the provision to conduct a number of TV shows of the past as well as the present. Additionally, this site also conducts numerous exclusive original series.

Users can watch different content free of cost. They can also create an account in Crackle. However, Crackle does not permit users to upload videos. But Crackle is one of the popular streaming sites. The Crackle app is streaming in most of the devices like mobiles as well as in gaming systems.

6. DTube

This site uses blockchain technology. This type of technology helps to create a decentralized video database. Users also get the provision to upload videos for free and it is quite easy and simple. This website promises users to resist censorship.

DTube ensures the users that it is a safe place to share all types of content. The user need not worry about getting banned due to their personal opinions. Additionally, this site is ad-free. It also limits your ability to earn money from the uploaded videos.

Recently, there are no limitations of file sizes of video durations. The user is only limited by the bandwidth of the service of the internet.

7. 9GAG

This site is based in Hong Kong. 9GAG is a social media site as well as a video platform. This site permits users to upload funny photos, videos, and also GIFs. The content that are shared on this site also has the provision to get shared with other famous platforms like Twitter, Facebook.

At present, users can upload images and GIFs. If the user wants to upload video content then they must share it with the 9GAG social media accounts. This allows the admins to decide whether the video will be shared or not. The users cannot earn money on this site. 9GAG is one of the fun sites to browse. This site shares memes too.


This site is mainly used by gamers. Twitch was created to permit live streaming. The users can earn money from their Twitch channel. However, the payout is much less compared to Youtube.

Twitch mainly focuses on live streaming, but the users can upload videos that were recorded previously. These videos were known as Reruns or Premiers. The user must reach the Affiliate Level to use this feature which is quite useful.

The user must possess at least 500 total minutes of live broadcasts in the last 30 days, 7 unique broadcasts as well as 3 or more viewers to become a Twitch Affiliate. Also, the user should have 50 followers. Affiliation on the other hand is free of cost.

9. IGTV- Instagram TV

This is another platform where a user can upload video content. Similar to Instagram, users can follow other channels. Additionally, users can also browse a feed of recent and latest uploads. This site is available for every user of Instagram.

This platform is famous for short video clips. The videos are generally presented in a vertical aspect ratio. This site is mainly viewed on smartphones. Videos that will be uploaded by the user must be between 15 seconds and 10 minutes.

650MB is limited for each video. The user has the provision to upload videos up to 60 minutes long if the account is verified. The file size is up to 3.6GB. IGTV does not give the opportunity to make money by the user. However, the company has made plans to start monetization for the users who creates content.

10. The Open Video Project

This site helps to preserve videos. The Open Video Project is free to use. However, the interface is out of date and the users face difficulty to browse this site on a cell phone. This website rejects video submissions.

If the user has a collection of good videos then he or she must contact the website administrators. This will help the users to get their videos added to the project. People actually use this site as an educational resource.

Educational, as well as historical films, are often absent in other platforms. This project was initialized in 1998. It contains innumerable digitized videos. Old documentaries, as well as educational films, are available here.

11. BitChute

This platform uses torrenting technology. This platform helps to share videos. The site was created on reply against the political videos of demonetization on Youtube. This site has the provision to upload content by the users and share it as well without any restrictions.

The reason is that the files are not observed by a central server. The content and video sizes do not possess limits. The users can watch the uploaded videos both on their computers and cell phones.

12. PeerTube

This site is one type of peer-to-peer video sharing platform. PeerTube does not give ads or censorship. The user can upload videos without any restrictions. It is free of cost and has no limitations on file sizes or lengths of videos.

The videos are generally hosted on the user’s computers. When the user is uploading a file, he or she is sharing it from their computer.

13. Internet Archives Video Section

This is a large database that possesses a large number of videos. The main aim of this site is to archive content. This gives surety that the videos are available to the public. In this site, the users upload old documentaries, TV shows, and also public domain movies.

This site does not hold recent movies. Users can use this site free of cost. There is no diminution in uploading videos. The users can upload 1000 files per page or the size of the files can be larger than 50GB.

14. LiveLeak

The user can browse reality footage of any events with this site. This site gives the news that is not covered by the mainstream news. Few videos also possess graphic content. For example- shooting or fatal accidents.

Users are free to upload their own videos with little restriction. The videos must be related to any news. However, monetization is absent for this site.

15. The Vlogs

It is an online platform for vloggers. They can share video blogs. The content must be related to political news. There are no strict guidelines to upload videos. Presently, users must choose one of the paid options for members to upload videos.

The users can enjoy ad-free viewing and can upload up to 1GB video files if they possess the level 2 membership. The users with level 3 membership, enjoy live-streaming their own videos.

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These are the few video sharing and upload sites similar to Youtube. The features of these sites will improve with days passing by. These are the platforms where you can showcase your skills. Try and browse these sites other than Youtube. I assure you that you will like these platforms as well.