Your Organization has Disabled the Ability to Change Some Options

If the antivirus security software has been installed, this message is frequently displayed in the Settings option. If you’re struggling, If you have Avast software installed on your computer and your company has disabled the ability to change some options, a message stating that no changes can be made will appear on the Settings page.

If you are the only user of your PC and it does not belong to any organisation, the issue can be quite annoying.

Your Organization has Disabled the Ability to Change Some Options

You can resolve the error Your Organization Has Disabled The Ability To Change Some Options using the advice in this article.


The Issue

Users who use Mozilla Firefox as their web browser are primarily affected by the issue. The following message is visible at the top of the Firefox Options page (About: Preferences): Your company is in charge of your browser.

The following message will appear if an earlier version of Firefox is being used: “Your organisation has disabled the ability to change some options.”

Now that you are the only user, you might be wondering who is in charge of your browser. You might also believe that the actions for modifying Firefox’s available options have been disabled or otherwise restricted.

The Motive

It is crucial to keep in mind that your device and web browser are completely secure and have not been compromised when dealing with this issue. These messages appear as a result of one or more policies that Firefox has applied.

On Firefox, a variety of support policies are available and can be enabled or disabled. These rules assist in preventing users from using particular browser features and functions.

The concerned messages are shown in Firefox if and when a policy is applied. These are the error messages that Firefox will show you. When viewing the about policies page, the policies that have been applied can be verified.

As a result, the Firefox browser’s implementation of these policies is what causes these error messages to appear.

The Answer

What is the remedy for Fix? The Ability To Change Some Options Has Been Disabled By Your Organization Error?

If you have implemented a policy in the browser using an extension or other software, the message can be disregarded. There is no threat to the browser or your device. However, if you haven’t added any policies and want to fix the error message that’s being displayed, use the suggested fixes.

Method 1: to Fix Your Company’s Disabled The Possibility Of Changing Some Decisions Error:

  • simultaneously clicking WIN+R and pressing it. The RUN dialogue box will appear as a result. WIN+X can also be used to accomplish this. Enter Regedit right now. Enter the key. The Registry Editor will open as a result.
  • then look for the key that follows: HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Mozilla\Firefox
  • You must delete the main key in order to remove all the policies. The Firefox key is the main key in this instance. Select the Delete key by clicking on the Firefox key.
  • Launch Firefox after quitting the Registry Editor. The problem will be fixed, and the screen will no longer show any alerts or errors.

Method 2: to Fix a Disabled Organization Some Options’ Changeability Error:

  • Open the Firefox installation folder, which in Windows is “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefox.”
  • Open the Distribution Folder after that. These policies are in this folder. policies are applied in the browser by json.
  • Delete the Distribution folder once you find it, or just remove the policies.json files.
  • If you take these actions, the browser will stop showing the messages.


The policies being used on the Firefox browser are the main cause of this error message. These steps will assist you in fixing Your Business Has Disabled Error With The Ability To Change Some Options.