The delta variant of the Covid virus is truly one of the nastiest ones and it is being thoroughly watched and monitored by all the health experts all over the world. This is because of the good reason though and it must be done because the delta variant of the Covid virus is one of the most contagious out there.

It was first discovered in India and it gave rise to the horrible second wave of cases in India which took many lives in the course of it. Now, this virus is spreading all over the world. This is the thing of concern.

Young, Unvaccinated, Over 50 or Just Had One Dose

Now the world is looking at the UK which has a high vaccination rate but they are still suffering because of the delta variant of the Covid virus. Most of the cases that are occurring in the UK are because of the fact that the delta variant is the fittest and the most contagious variant out there. WHO had warned the world about the delta variant and its far-reaching hands where it will pick up the most vulnerable person and then attack.

Number crunching the latest data from England, 92,029 cases were analyzed. Almost 82,500 of these total cases were recorded in people under 50 years old and a majority (53,822 cases). Among those cases in the unvaccinated cohort, the vast majority were in the under-50 age group (52,846 cases) and only 976 cases were in the over-50s.

So if you are over 50, had one dose of the vaccine or none then you are at high risk of being infected by the delta variant of the coronavirus.