USA Gymnastics Olympic Trials 2021 Results Day 1

Unfortunately for the 2021 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, Tokyo 2020 Olympic gymnast.

Hatakeda Hitomi had to withdraw from the women’s all-around final on Wednesday after a horrific fall on the uneven bars during training (20 October).


USA Gymnastics Olympic Trials 2021 Results Day 1

According to the Japan Gymnastics Association, an MRI revealed that Hatakeda had damaged her central spinal cord and bruised her cervical spine.

Preventing her from competing in Thursday’s final fourth in Kitakyushu.

Women's Gymnastics Olympic Trials 2021 Injury

The 21-year-old is in stable condition with her mother and coach, Yukiko, by her side. She is in pain but otherwise conscious. On Thursday, more tests will be performed on Hatakeda.

Gymnast Emily Lee Climbed a Rope 1 Week After Achilles Surgery, and My Core Burns Just Watching

Gymnast Emily Lee, a member of the Senior Women’s National Team, ruptured her achilles tendon when she fell hard from a double-twisting double backflip at the Olympic Trials last month.

Lee has shown that she is making rapid progress in her recovery from her injury only a week after surgery.

She tweeted a video of herself climbing a rope with only her arms and core strength, and it was impressive.

A voice asks, “Are you ready?” and she responds, “I’m not,” but she still quickly makes it to the peak as spectators cheer her on.

For what lies ahead, Lee said on Instagram, “I do believe that I will come out of this stronger.”

Meet Grace McCallum, USA Gymnast Who Overcame Injuries to Qualify for 2021 Olympics

Grace McCallum’s Olympic hopes appeared to be dead five months before the 2021 U.S. Olympic trials began.

While practising his routine on the balance beam, McCallum got a boxer’s fracture. A metacarpal, or hand bone, connecting McCallum’s pinkie finger was broken.

A boxer’s fracture is a type of hand fracture that “occurs when people punch something,” as stated by the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, hence the name.

McCallum’s hand was badly injured, so she had surgery to have a plate implanted in it.

Also, after the operation, she put all of her energy into healing from the injury and coming back.

Why Team USA Chose Grace McCallum for 2021 Olympics

Although she tried hard, McCallum was not guaranteed a spot on the 2021 Olympic team of four women headed to Tokyo.

Simone Biles was an obvious choice for the team, and the odds were in favour of Suni Lee and Jordan Chiles for the other two spots.

In addition, Jade Carey had mathematically secured a place for herself. The door swung open after that.

The 18-year-old was one of many competitors vying for one of two available slots in the United States’ national teams and individual competitions.

Mykayla Skinner, Kayla DiCello, Kara Eaker, Shilese Jones, and Riley McCusker were also in the fray to represent the United States in gymnastics.


Witnesses claim that Hatakeda slammed her chin violently on the floor after attempting a Komova (a transition element from low bar to high bar on the uneven bars) and falling face first.

She was placed on a spineboard and rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.

Hatakeda made her Olympic debut in 2021 at Tokyo 2020, where she helped Japan finish fifth in the team event. Thanks for reading our article USA Gymnastics Olympic Trials 2021 Results Day 1.