Woman Praised for Refusing to Switch Plane Seats

Mom enraged after traveller refuses to switch seats with her and won’t watch her children on plane

Air travel was already a terrifying experience at 40,000 feet even before the current state of the world’s health.

Nobody likes to be crammed into a small space and forced to share the same air with a large number of strangers.

Woman Praised for Refusing to Switch Plane Seats

A lot of parents will tell you that travelling with children takes it to a whole other level! However, there are many, like the Redditor behind the Am I the A—hole post, who have little sympathy.


The Original Poster (OP) Says that their Family “still Brings it up Sometimes,” Two Years after the Incident.

Aisle seats were a godsend for the OP, who said, “I get claustrophobic in centre or window seats on flights to see family.” “A woman and her two young children (about 4-5 years old) came over as I was buckling my seat belt.

It appeared as if they were identical. To my surprise, she approaches me and offers me the opportunity to switch seats with her. Although I’m not certain, I believe her seat was a few seats behind mine and a window seat, but I’m not sure.”

The OP made it clear to his mother that he did not intend to make the change.

The Redditor reported that “she got quite upset and questioned me again and again.” “As soon as the flight attendant informed her that the plane was about to take off, the lady begged me to move once again.

When I told her no, she said that was alright, but I’d have to watch her kids instead, which I agreed to do. I told her I would not do that, and if she was so concerned, she should have purchased seats together.”

The Mom “Became all Huffy and Simply went back to her Seat,” According to the OP.

The OP stated, “I put my headphones on and started watching a movie, and I didn’t really pay any attention to the kids.”.

“They got into a fight at some point, and one of them ended up crying as a result. Eventually, the mother came over and asked why I wasn’t doing anything after a few minutes of screams.

I told her at the outset of the flight that I would not be taking care of anyone else’s children.”

At this Point, an Airline Employee Intervened and Found Another Customer Eager to Trade Seats with the Mom.

As the OP pointed out, “That person grabbed the window seat, the lady grabbed my seat, and I grabbed the other aisle seat.”

After Telling their Family about the Incident, They were Told that they were Completely to Blame.

He stated, “They claimed I was a [expletive] and should simply watch out for the kids,” in his original post. “However, I don’t believe it’s my fault. Neither the children nor the mother’s lack of purchasing seats together is my problem.

As a bonus, I would have been there to aid if something occurred to the kids and they needed immediate attention. To be honest, I really didn’t want to spend the entire flight tending to them and trying to break up fights.”

The OP asked the Reddit community to weigh in on the subject.

There were a lot of People who Thought the OP was Right.

“You are not obligated to exchange seats (especially if you paid for selection),” commented one reader. “She has the option to pay to sit with her children if she so desires. When it comes to your role as a babysitter, you are by no means responsible for any of her children.”

a second guy remarked “Especially for one that is worse, no one should be compelled to give their [seats] away. I appreciate the flight attendant’s assistance in resolving the situation.”

It was agreed, however, that the mother might not have had complete control over the situation.

“Three tickets were not available since it could have been an urgent travel. Instead of purchasing them individually, they could have done it together. In spite of the fact that it’s ridiculous, it’s a fact of life “That’s the same author.

Others said that the OP should have given up the seat as a Good Samaritan.

It’s “simply one of those times that reddit forgets that just because you don’t HAVE to do something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t,” a user said. Because of your actions, a woman had her very young children taken away from her.”

Another person said, “It’s kinda a d—k move to remove little kids from their parent on a flight,” explaining that you are under no duty to give up your seat.

Despite the fact that no one expected the OP to be the mother’s babysitter, most people thought the OP should have shifted seats to make the situation a little less tense.

The OP, if not others, should be inspired by this discussion to improve their treatment of travellers.