Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working

All the Windows users love and know the importance of the Start Button because of its amazing search feature. You will be traumatized if the Start button suddenly stops working! Even you are facing this issue? Don’t worry; you are not alone in this. Many users, including me have reported the same issue.

The start button is an important aspect of the Windows Operating System. Microsoft came with very interesting features on Windows 10. They worked hard in creating such an effective and elegant OS version which is mind-blowing.

The start button is located on the lower left of the taskbar. Although it might have a good OS version it also came up with some bugs which are not appreciated by the users. One of the bugs among them is Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working error.


Why Is Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working?

New users of Windows 10 all are facing this issue. This issue occurs because of sudden updates from their existing version of Windows 7, Windows 8, or from Windows 10’s current build to a newer Windows 10 build. Due to this sudden update, push, and third-party apps in the Shell Context, these can affect Start Menu.

The problem differs from the PC to the PC environment. But here we are with 6 ways that will fix the bug according to your problem

Fix 1: Reverting Back and Updating Again

This is the easy way which will solve your problem. This problem has to lead many users to effective results. You just have to revert back to the previous build 10049 of Windows 10, also called Windows 10 Technical Preview. Once you are done with revert back to build 10049, update your Windows again. Do not forget to activate Windows before restarting your PC. Otherwise, it will be back to square one.

Fix 2: Repair Windows Image

This method will help you to scan and repair Windows Images.

Step 1 – Open the command prompt by pressing Windows + X on your keyboard.

Step 2 – Type the command in the following command prompt for scanning and repairing the Windows image.

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Once the scan is done, restart your PC, your issue will be solved.

Fix 3: Through an Elevated PowerShell

Step 1 – Open the command prompt by pressing Windows + X on your keyboard.

Step 2 – Now, type PowerShell(case-sensitive) inside CMD and press enter. Powershell will be loaded inside the command prompt. Make sure you run Powershell with administrator rights. Another way of opening a PowerShell application is by searching for PowerShell in Cortana.

Step 3 – Type the following command inside the PowerShell and press Enter after the command:

Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

Wait till the execution is completed. If you encounter any errors during execution, ignore them. Finally, you will be able to work with the Start Menu Button.

Fix 4: Create And Use a New User Account

If you are tired of the above methods, then the best you can do is to create a new user account. Starting from scratch will be more helpful than mixing up the things in between. Creating a new user account in Windows 10 essentially re-registers the Start Menu and most other system components.

Creating a new account may find hectic to you but trust me it’s the best. If a new user helps to work with Start Menu, then transfer all your data in the new account and then you are good to go. Follow the steps to create and use a new user account.

Step 1 – Firstly, open the Start Menu.

Step 2 – Hit on Settings

Step 3 – Go, to the Accounts.

Step 4 – Navigate on Family & other users in the left pane.

Step 5 – Now, in the right pane, click on Add someone else to this PC under Other users.

Now, go to the new account creation wizard – it doesn’t matter whether the new user account you create is a Microsoft account or a Local account because both will work fine. You have created the new user account, sign in and check if the issue still persists.

Fix 5: Run Start Menu Troubleshooter

Knowing the Start Menu issue, Microsoft Troubleshooter has a rescue feature for you which is called Troubleshooter. Microsoft Troubleshooter will help you to check whether the Start Menu and Cortana are installed correctly and whether registry key permissions and database corruptions are in place and more stuff like these. Install this troubleshooter and check if the issue is fixed by it.

Fix 6: Run System File Checker

SFC is also called System File Checker which also a utility tool. If your Windows OS consists of a corrupted Windows Resource protection File, then you must be facing difficulties in performing the SFC scan on your PC and some of the functions may misbehave.

Step 1 – Go to the Start Menu, search for Command prompt(admin), click on it.

Step 2 – Once it has opened in administrator mode type the following command and hit enter:

sfc /scannow

Do not stop this process in between. Wait till it gets complete. SFC will search for corrupted or missing files on your PC. You will get the results when the process is complete.


Well, those were 6 different ways of fixing the Start Menu. The methods are quite simple and can be performed easily. Such new errors are common and can be fixed within no time. Try the fix according to your problems then you again enjoy your menu!