Winchester – One of the Scariest Movies on the Internet

Remember when the first-ever Paranormal Activities movie came out? Winchester was not that scary but the fact that it was based on true events scared the ship out of me! Every time I watch a movie, TV show, or even read a book that was based on a true story my interest is doubled and I am forced to feel it on a more emotional level in comparison to fiction.

Yes, we all cry when our favorite character dies in fictional movies, but do you even know what happens to us when they flash that single statement at the beginning of the movie that says, “based on a real story”?


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With that said, let us get down to the topic at hand, Winchester. The movie primarily revolves around Sarah Winchester, who married into a family that dealt in the business of death. No, they were not murderers but they did make the weapons that did the deed. In time, Sarah’s husband passes away just as her young daughter catches marasmus.

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This disease could not be cured and ends once the victim’s body has wasted away. The death of her only infant shook the beautiful Ms. Winchester, the heir of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company fortune, so badly that she lost her sanity for a few years, only to get it back together and refocus.

As returning to normal, it was made clear to her that she will not be able to give birth again. Shattered, Sarah heads back home only to hear the news of her husband’s death due to pulmonary tuberculosis. He died on March 7th, 1881, and she inherits a vast fortune from the Winchester Company. So now, she has wealth but no mental peace or satisfaction. She has to find a way to do so, but how?

To find answers, she tries to contact her husband through a medium but it goes all in vain. The one thing she was able to find out with the medium’s help was that the ghosts of those who died because of the weapons made by Winchester are out to seek revenge and that the spiritual world will be knocking at her door soon.

It was reported that she claimed to see both good and bad spirits – the good spirits protected her from the bad because the bad spirits wanted her soul. One good spirit told her that she needs to build a house in order to live in peace. She was even given a design by the spirits, and that is why the mansion contains about 2000 doors, half of which lead to nowhere.

Stairs that go upstairs only to lead you to a surprise dead end. In short, the mansion is a confusing maze filled with booby traps. People still visit the mansion to this day and report to have heard screams and gunshots. Some people have also seen the spirits of men, women, and children roaming the house.

winchester film

Was there someone making sure that Sarah went crazy so that they could get her inheritance? Was she going crazy all on her own? Was Sarah manipulating the world with this story in order to draw more attention and fame?

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Final Words

In all honesty, no one will ever be able to answer those questions with one hundred percent certainty. In my opinion, the woman had been receiving attention since the day she was born. Many men because of her beauty, etiquette, and elegance pursued her.

It is highly possible for her to have had a mental breakdown after the deaths of her daughter and husband, but the architecture of the Winchester mansion could not have been designed by someone with a mental disorder.

Her brain had to have been working on a level higher because she was able to draw so many intricate designs and keep the construction going for over 36 years. In my opinion, there has to be some truth to this story.