Why Is MetaTrader 5 the Best Platform for Trading?

Currently, almost 10 million Forex traders are worldwide. Specialists explain such trading popularity by the possibility of making high profits and the ability to work from anywhere. The dealers should choose a qualitative terminal to be competitive within the market and gain significant profit. Among the existing platforms, MetaTrader 5 is in high demand.

MT5 was created by MetaQuotes Software Corp. The developer released the ultimate terminal’s version in 2010. Thus, the platform has stood the time test. Experts recommend dealers to look for MetaTrader 5 setup files only on authoritative broker websites (for example, fbs.com). At such sites, the MT5 download process usually doesn’t take much time. Moreover, the setup files from reputable websites don’t contain malware.


Key MetaTrader 5 Features

MT5 is a multi-market platform. It’s widely applied for Forex trading. Terminal users may fulfill technical and fundamental analyses, create personal trading robots, and develop indicators. Furthermore, the platform involves a built-in add-on called MetaTrader Market. Here, terminal users can buy or rent some tools made by other dealers.

In June 2021, MT5 became the most popular trading platform. The developer offers traders a detailed MetaTrader 5 tutorial and strong support. Additionally, the dealers may get help on the topic online portals and in thematic communities. Nay, the traders can find numerous tutorial MT5 videos created by experienced users on the Internet.

Main MetaTrader 5 Advantages

MT5 includes all the functions that MT4 has. Moreover, the terminal developers offer traders many new options, e.g.:

  1. Fifty analysis tools. MetaTrader 5 users may apply twenty linear instruments along with thirty technical indicators.
  2. Ability to create any order type. Applying the platform, traders can, for example, “turn positions” or control losses using pending orders.
  3. Presence of integrated MQL5. The option allows dealers to create virtual advisors. Such robots may independently perform currency market analytics.
  4. Availability of 100 charts with different periods (minute, monthly, etc.). Here, terminal users can apply 21 various timeframes.
  5. Sound signals alert traders to changes in the situation with assets. The feature is especially helpful when working with multiple charts and tools simultaneously.

It’s also worth noting that MetaTrader 5 provides its users with the latest news. Such an option greatly simplifies the trading process. Nay, the platform users can view trading history. Additionally, the terminal proposes multi-language reports to the dealers.

What Devices Can Run MT5 On?

The software may be installed on mobile gadgets (iOS or Android) and PCs. Furthermore, the terminal is compatible with all popular operating systems (Windows, macOS, and Linux). MetaTrader 5 is completely safe to apply on any device. That’s because the advanced encryption protocol protects the current operations and personal users’ information within the platform.

MT5 Installation on Windows

This MetaTrader 5 version probably is the most popular. The terminal has the following system requirements:

  • RAM – 256 MB or more;
  • CPU – Celeron-based with a frequency of 1.7+ GHz;
  • Storage – 50+ MB of free drive space.

To install MT5, traders should first download the setup file on their computers. Then, the dealers have to pass the next steps:

  1. Run the setup file. The latter is best opened as an administrator.
  2. Follow the installer prompts.
  3. Wait for the installation to finish.

The whole procedure takes a few minutes. Traders must accept the license agreement before installation. After installing the terminal, the dealers need to log into their profiles. Then, the users may start trading. Without a valid profile, a dealer can create a demo or real trading account. Dealers can find more information about MT5 and download the installation file for Windows, for example, on the FBS website.