Why Businesses Scrape Public Data

Businesses that want to survive and thrive in 2022 need precise, effective, and efficient strategies more than ever. In a digitalized business environment, most companies are less dependent on external resources but focus on ideas and their realization. Such circumstances make markets more competitive, as long as they have competent employees to manage digitised company resources.

The competition encourages progress, and the availability of educational material and client outreach, created by the internet and the growth of information technologies, have made data the most valuable resource for companies.

How much of the information reach potential consumers and how much knowledge the business can absorb to make better decisions are data manipulation goals that help companies stand down in the digital world.

Anyone can observe public information on search engines, competitor websites, and presented ads. Modern companies have to monitor their visibility on these platforms as well as data transmitted by their competitors.

However, we forget how unimaginably big the internet is, and it only keeps expanding. Even in a niche market, you can find the presence of hundreds of competitors on the web. Manual management of public data can be precise and useful for further company decisions, but going through mountains of public information without automation takes too much time.

Why Businesses Scrape Public Data

Most modern businesses realize the necessity for knowledge, and we can find and filter out the best bits with web scraping — an automated method of public data extraction that uses scripted, adjustable software to collect, filter, and organize the desired information. Instead of visiting every competitor’s website and copying the information, we automate the process with web scrapers.

In this article, we will focus on the main benefits of automated data extraction and the challenges you may face while enjoying the comfort and efficiency of web scraping. To make sure data collection tasks are unaffected by interruptions, we will educate the readers on the usage of proxy servers, where you can buy residential proxies.

The internet privacy market is full of reliable proxies, supplied by the top providers that offer customizable features and the best servers for every occasion. But before we go to buy residential proxies, we have to know where, why, and how we must use them.


Tracking Price Intelligence

In 2022, as most countries enter a recession, the pricing of products and services will be more sensitive than ever. In the last quarter, many businesses have increased their prices, mainly due to the harsh growth of energy costs. Every competitive market, especially under such harsh circumstances, is focusing on information that will help ensure stability and stay on top or look for an opening to outperform competitors.

Web scrapers help us collect price intelligence from competitors. With the constant stream of information, your business can focus on extracting the prices of products and monitor a timeline to see any changes. The pricing of competitors can change in a matter of hours, if not minutes.

Price monitoring is the key to undercutting or adjusting prices that will make or keep your company more attractive than competitors. Scraping bots keep extracting and organizing information that helps with the accuracy of such important decisions.

Digital Marketing

With the inevitable demise of TV and Radio, most marketing strategies in 2022 will revolve around the digital advertisement. The main focus points are search engines and social media networks.

A favorable position on a search engine is a blessing. As potential clients search for valuable goods, the businesses with the best positions will attract all the attention. However, some companies may have irregular visibility for their searches.

If an online shop appears to have a better search engine results page (SERP) ranking for one keyword but a poor one for the other, some weaknesses can be improved. For companies that want to tap into every marketing opportunity, web scrapers can collect all SERP rankings for important keywords to find the weakest results and improve them.

Social media marketing focuses on discovering individuals with many followers on social media networks. Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are the most popular platforms, with pages that may specialize in or be affiliated with the products your company seeks to advertise.

For common everyday goods, companies often focus on the most popular influencers, while niche products require smaller but dedicated audiences more likely to be interested in the ad.

Don’t Forget Proxy Servers

The perfect partners in crime and proxy servers eliminate the main problem with consistent web scraping. IP bans are common for aggressive scrapers that send an unnatural amount of connection requests. Not only can it slow down the target server, but web owners can also use automated protection to distinguish users from scraping bots and ban them.

Business-oriented proxy providers offer residential proxies to solve this problem. With millions of addresses used by real devices and serviced by legitimate internet providers, residential IPs help access high-value public data with minimal blocks. Proxies help us maximize the benefits gained from data extraction tasks.