The plan that had been announced by Biden earlier this year is going to fail without a doubt. Why? Because the statistics don’t add up at all. It was fixed that according to the plan, 70% of the American citizens should be getting at least one of the shots for the coronavirus vaccine. But now, it seems almost impossible to achieve that goal because according to the rate at which the vaccination procedure is going, the only possibility is that 67% of the people will be getting the vaccine.

The US government did do a good job with the mass vaccination, but it is still falling short. 3% difference might not seem so much, but in a nation, with so many people, that’s a huge number. The President had said that he wanted the independence day to mark a new turning point in the fight against Covid, but apparently, that is not coming true this year.

Why Biden's Fourth of July Plan Will Fall Short

All the free beer, doughnuts, and baseball tickets won’t be enough to keep up the pace of vaccinations. “These incentives are a great idea, and they are very appealing, but the evidence is just not there that these incentives are addressing the barriers,” Barankay said.

“We are getting into a population of people who are vehemently opposed or have too complicated a living situation,” he said. “In some cases, there is no amount of incentive you can offer people,” Barankay said.

“People are influenced by others around them,” Barankay said. “If you can change the behavior of one person in a community, it has a multiplier effect, but this is much more difficult work.”