No, we are not talking about the movie here. This is a serious matter that everyone needs to pay attention to. The coronavirus cases are on the rise again, and the surge is not something new but it is really advised that people should take this seriously even if they had been vaccinated against the virus with both doses. The ways of taking precaution never end and that is what WHO is telling to the people.

WHO recently had gone ahead and issued some new rules for the people to follow all around the world. Well, they are not new rules but it is more like a comeback of the old rules. WHO is asking the fully vaccinated people to wear masks again and follow the social distancing rules again.

WHO Says Fully Vaccinated Should Wear Masks and Physically Distance As Covid Infections Surge

The Covid cases are on a surge. This is not good news we know but it is news that might potentially save you from the coronavirus Infection. Even if you have been vaccinated, just wear the mask when you go out of your house. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

We all know that the vaccine does not prevent coronavirus infection. It just provides you with extra security. You can still get infected by the virus and therefore it is important to take precautions against it when you can.

The holiday season is coming up and the cases are going to rise further if people are not careful. We really do not want to see another huge wave of the coronavirus that is going to cause a lot of casualties. No one should die at the hands of the deadly disease.

“Even if you’re vaccinated, continue to take precautions to prevent becoming infected yourself, and to infecting someone else who could die,” Tedros said. “That means wearing a mask, maintaining distance, avoiding crowds and meeting others outside if you can, or in a well-ventilated space inside.”