Who Plays Matthew in You Season 3

Season 3 of You has arrived, and with it comes a whole new cast of folks living in Madre Linda who have no idea they’re about to be harassed by Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and Love Quinn (Emily Hampshire) (Victoria Pedretti).

Nonetheless, this city hides its own mysteries… Joe and Love’s plan to raise their newborn baby Henry in a peaceful, affluent neighbourhood turned out to have far-reaching consequences, perhaps even more than they had bargained for.

Who Plays Matthew in You Season 3

It’s safe to assume serious sh*t is going down in season 3, but we won’t spoil too much of it just yet. In fact, be ready for season 4, since the Netflix series has already been renewed. (This may contain spoilers from previous episodes.)

Read on to get to know the brand new faces in You Season 4. When the season concludes, we’ll find out who made it.

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Starring Gabrielle Tati as Marienne

Although her role as the cunning and secretive Prudence Blackwood on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has been eliminated, Tati Gabrielle has moved on to greater things.

Tati plays Marienne, the library manager where Joe brings Henry during the day, in the fourth season of You. Marienne is struggling to regain custody of her daughter and faces her problems every day.

Those who have seen the first few seasons of You know that Joe has a serious problem with his relationships with the ladies in his life. Marienne could be next in line if things keep going this way.

Tati, who is only 25 years old, has already acted in The 100 as Gaia and has had other roles in other films like The Emoji Movie and K.C. Undercover. You can see her posting photos of herself on Instagram looking eerily like Sabrina that even frighten her.

Dylan Using Arnold in Place of Theo

Love’s season 3 diversion is Matthew and Love’s neighbor’s son Theo, a college student. Despite being roughly a decade younger than Love, Theo is attentive and helpful at the bakery and clearly has a crush on her.

He also has to deal with the fact that his stepmother, Natalie, was murdered by his stepfather, Love.

Love’s old age hasn’t stopped her from giving in to a relationship dynamic that could get Theo in trouble.

Dylan Arnold, who plays Theo, previously portrayed the bumbling Nashville love interest of Lennon Stella’s Maddy and the overbearing high school lover of Tessa in the After film series, respectively. There’s a new horror film called Halloween Kills, and Dylan is in it.

Sherry, Played by Shalita Grant

By the end of You’s third season, Sherry has become one of the show’s most memorable figures. Another Love and Joe neighbour, she appears to be enamoured with the perks of affluent suburban living on the surface.

Although on the surface she appears to be a typical mommy blogger—overprotective of her children’s wellbeing and condescending to Love—there is actually a lot more happening on, particularly in her relationship with her alpha male husband, Cary.

Shalita has been in numerous television shows, including Search Party (in which she played Cassidy) and NCIS, Santa Clarita Diet, and many others.

In the role of Cary Grant, played by Travis Van Winkle

Sherry’s accomplice Cary, played by Travis Van Winkle, is just as game for sexual shenanigans in and out of the bedroom.

Cary is in peak physical condition and obsessive about his appearance. When Cary and Joe first meet, they go on a camping trip, which plays into Cary’s large alpha dog inclinations while also reviving some of Joe’s earlier trauma with Mean Dudes.

To name just a few of Van Winkle’s acting credits, he has appeared on the TV shows Hart of Dixie and Greek, and there are other Christmas-themed movies we plan to watch that feature him.

Scott Performer Michael Foster as Ryan

Scott Michael Foster, who played the endearing slacker Cappie on the cult classic sorority and fraternity drama Greek, is a guest star on this season’s You.

In the film, he plays the role of Ryan, a self-aggrandizing local news anchor who is also Marienne’s ex-husband and is using his influence in the legal system to make it difficult for Marienne to reclaim custody of their daughter.

Foster has been in the TV shows Once Upon a Time, Chasing Life, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Playing Dante, Ben Mehl

Dante, the observant, sometimes cunning protagonist of You, is Marienne’s coworker at the Madre Linda Public Library.

Despite having the necessary requirements, he and his husband have had a hard time adopting, but he frequently assists Joe and Love with Henry. Let’s just say towards the season’s finale, he plays an even more pivotal role in Joe and Love’s history.

In an interview with the Albuquerque Journal, Mehl discussed his process for portraying Dante’s blindness and cane use. To prepare for the role, Mehl worked with a mobility specialist to master the techniques Dante would have used with his cane, despite the fact that he, too, is legally blind with limited vision.

‘When I joined the cast of this show, it was already well on its way to becoming a hit “”I’ve been in The Good Wife before,” Mehl, who has appeared there, remarked. “Observing this magnificent machine, comprised of so many skilled individuals, working together towards a common goal.

In this capacity, I came in and did my best to speak for Dante. The goal I gave myself was to do just that.

Natalie, Played by Michaela McManus

Fans of One Tree Hill may recognise Michaela McManus, who portrayed the role of a book editor who became Lucas Scott’s fiancee when the show’s timeline shifted.

Michaela plays Joe and Love’s next-door neighbour Natalie in the third season of You. She is interesting to both protagonists since she is sociable and gives each one what they need.

When she vanishes at the end of Season 1, her husband, the computer tycoon Matthew, has some ideas about what happened.

The Vampire Diaries, The Magicians, Castle, and other shows have all included McManus in acting roles.

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Matthew (Scott Speedman)

Silicon Valley-style computer entrepreneur Matthew will risk everything to find out who killed his wife Natalie, including his sanity and his connection with their son.

For example, Speedman has played Dr. Nick Marsh on Grey’s Anatomy, Baz Blackwell on Animal Kingdom, and Jeremy, the stodgy lawyer who goes head-to-head with Channing Tatum in The Vow.