When Did Arya An Melisandre First Meet

Over the course of seven absolutely fantastic television seasons and an eighth that, to put it bluntly, had its ups and downs, fans were enthralled by the story, characters, and talent from the imagination of George R. R. Martin.

One of the most enduringly admirable characters on the programme, Arya Stark swiftly rose to fame on the national stage.

When Did Arya An dMelisandre First Meet

Arya had a number of noteworthy encounters over the course of the show’s eight seasons that shaped both her character and her overall plot arc.


10: “The Climb,” Season 3 Episode 10

The episode “The Climb,” which is more concerned with Jon Snow and the Wildlings scaling the wall and ascending the ladder of chaos in King’s Landing, does, however, give Arya Stark a crucial passage.

While Melisandre arrives to take Gendry away for his blood, Arya is with the Brotherhood Without Banners.

This incident prompts Arya to decide to leave the organisation. Arya also sees Melisandre there, who appears to fulfil a prophecy about many eyes closing for good, “brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes,” that she had been given.

9. “Mother’s Mercy,” Season 5 Episode 9.

The majority of fans concur that Arya’s experience while she was with the Faceless Men in Braavos was not accomplished perfectly but did have instances of brutality and brilliance.

Meryn Trant, who killed Syrio Forel and was generally a terrible person, was one of the notable names on Arya’s list that she scratched off in the season five finale.

The conflict between Arya and the Faceless Men was already severe, but the murder escalated it.

8: “Lord Snow,” Season 1 Episode 3

In the pilot episode “Lord Snow,” Syrio Forel, a pivotal figure in Arya’s life, is initially introduced when Lord Eddard Stark hires him to train his daughter.

This is the start of Arya’s epic journey as a warrior throughout Game of Thrones, as a young woman who desired to be a fighter and an explorer rather than a lady. This is where it all started, with master swordsman Syrio Forel dancing in the water.

7: “The Pointy End,” Season 1 Episode 8

After just five episodes, Game of Thrones’ entire setting has changed because to Ned Stark’s capture, the deaths of his men, and Arya’s escape from the Lannisters.

However, Syrio Forel had to give up his life to allow Arya to escape, and he does so by falling victim to Meryn Trant after repelling numerous Lannister soldiers. This would be Arya’s last time not running or hiding from anything for a very long time.

6: “The Winds of Winter” is the Name of Season 6 Episode 10.

Arya’s father was murdered by Joffrey/Ilyn Payne, whereas Robb and Catelyn were slaughtered by Walder Frey. These are just two of the numerous notorious figures Arya has listed.

In the season six finale, Arya executed Walder in a way that was appropriate and fulfilling. With her newly acquired skills and knowledge, Arya assumes a girl’s identity, slips into the Riverlands, and kills Walder Frey, letting him know it was a Stark who did it.

In the following episode, she used Walder’s face as a mask to poison the other Frey men who had attended the Red Wedding. It was horrible and wonderful, and she was able to scratch Walder’s name off her list.

5: Season 4 Episode 10 of “The Children.”

Arya and Sandor “the Hound” Clegane make for one of the most entertaining odd couple pairings in Game of Thrones’ fourth season.

Since it marks the conclusion of Arya and her companions’ first joint quest, the season four finale is significant.

In it, the Hound and Brienne fight over Arya, and in the end, Arya chooses to kill the Hound inhumanely than than leave him to die. Arya’s voyage to Braavos on her own has a depressing start.

4: The Seventh Episode of Season 7 is “The Dragon and the Wolf.”

Brienne and Arya reunite for the first time in three seasons after Brienne urged Arya to go with her so that she may keep her oath to Catelyn.

After a long and arduous journey, Arya returns to Winterfell, her home, and her brother and sister in the season seven finale. She displays some of her new abilities, including one that will be useful later on.

3: The Prince of Winterfell, Season 2 Episode 3

Jaqen H’gar is presented to viewers as a highly distinctive and cool figure, and he stays that way throughout Arya’s adventure.

Jaqen only gives Arya his name back after saving her and her companions from harm at Harrenhal after he assisted her in getting two kills there.

Arya is put on a new course that will lead her to the Brotherhood, the Hound, Braavos, and ultimately nowhere and no one. It is a perfect example of her grit and ingenuity.

2: “No One,” the sixth season’s eighth episode.

She had been travelling with Jaqen H’gar for the whole duration of this episode, titled “Speaking of No One,” which takes place a considerable amount of time after her escape from Harrenhal.

After failing in front of the Many-Faced God, Jaqen gives the Waif permission to kill Arya, starting a protracted chase that finally appears destined to result in the Waif’s victory.

In contrast, she humanises the Many-Faced God by killing the Waif after using her as bait. She promises to go back home and take back her former identity as Arya Stark.

1: Season 8 Episode 3 of “The Long Night.”

Arya Stark was a prominent member of the show’s excellent cast and was widely recognised as a fan favourite despite having some less-than-favorable storylines.

She rose to fame in season eight, though, when it was revealed that she would put an end to the Long Night by killing the Night King in a contentious yet heroic scene.

Throughout the entire Battle of Winterfell, she is great, a real warrior, and a fantastic fighter; some of the best scenes in the episode and the show’s conclusion are because to her.