Whats Ripping Families Apart

On stage at the RNC in Tampa, a former governor was set to endorse George W. Bush aided by lifelong Democratic strategist James Carville who had wistfully waxed nostalgic for FDR, Truman, Kennedy and Carter in 1992 at the DNC and endorsed Bill Clinton.

A new generation of Millers has been born since the last time he stood here, he said. Shirley and I treasure them more than anything else in our lives.



“My family is More Important than My Party,” He Said, as he put it.

For those of us who have grown up in an era where partisanship and party devotion threaten to override our national commitments, it was a remarkable moment.

Corrosive effects are most evident in right-wing politics, where party loyalty and more specifically Donald Trump’s support have corrupted so many important democratic institutions — our elections, for example, but even more so institutions as fundamental as the family — which Pope John XXIII referred to as “the first essential cell of human society.”

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As a result of Donald Trump’s administration and post-presidency, families have become increasingly polarised, disenchanted, and even alienated, in some surprising and highly public ways.

Perhaps your lifelong, insecure need for the praise of others prompted you to give up your common decency and integrity to satisfy Trump and his supporters in order to retain your position,” they said.

Because of their public criticism of their brother, they have long advocated for his expulsion from the House of Representatives.

“These unhappy Hillary fans are connected to me by blood, but like leftists everywhere, they put political ideology before family,” Gosar said CNN in 2018. “Lenin, Mao, and Kim Jung Un (sic) would be proud,” he said. ”

Not Only are the Gosars Not Alone

For the past two years, the Conways — matriarch Kellyanne, patriarch George, and teenage anti-Trump activist and “American Idol” contestant Claudia — have been immersed in a bitter family feud that has been broadcast to millions of people across the world. Claudia’s connection with her parents has recently improved, according to her.

With Matt Gaetz future sister-in-law criticising his “strange and creepy” conduct with women in the aftermath of sex crime claims, it may be difficult to plan the Gaetz-Luckey wedding. “My estranged sister is mentally ill,” Gaetz’s fiancée responded.

What was once kept a secret is now on display for everyone to see, maybe in the hopes that the public shaming will lead to a change in conduct.

The public spats between politicians, conspiracy theorists, and extremists are awful, but the stories of ordinary American families who have been torn apart by these ideologies are even more heartbreaking. They’re not that hard to get by.

People like “Tyler,” who was devastated to find that his father had driven to the Capitol on January 6th with loaded rifles in his camper, formed a subreddit called “Q Casualties,” according to an NPR article.

A married QAnon believer,

she “lived in fear” because of her husband’s beliefs. This organisation “has devastated my life,” he said. “I’m housed with a person who’s disgusted by me.”

Rosanne Boyland’s family was alarmed by her increasingly paranoid political views, as the story goes. She was one of five persons killed in the Capitol revolt, dedicating her life to a false cause despite the fact that, according to her family, she had never voted before to 2020.

This time, the political divide is over vaccinations and disguising. After they rejected their mother’s pleas not to be vaccinated, the mother of two sisters in Chicago stopped communicating to them.

I could go on and on about how Trump’s politics, conspiracy theories like those of QAnon and The Oath Keepers, and the new politics of masks and vaccines have driven families apart in recent years.

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Documented and horrifying is what these destructive elements have done to our country and turn Americans against each other.

That isn’t even close to the worst part, which is how it has and continues to isolate us from those we love most. If we don’t do something about it soon, our future will be very bleak and lonely.