We Have Restored This Installation to an Older Version of League of Legends

Fix We have downgraded this installation of League of Legends to a previous version.

The League of Legends “We have restored this installation to an older version” message League of Legends users get caught in a loop of updating and repairing after an error occurs while patching the game. Typically, a problem with the date and time configuration is what causes this error.

We Have Restored This Installation to an Older Version of League of Legends


What Leads to the League of Legends Error “We Have Restored This Installation to An Older Version”?

We discovered the following root causes:

  • Date and Time Settings: Occasionally, this error may be brought on by incorrectly configured date and time settings on the computer. The servers use the date and time configurations to determine the time zone and to validate the certificates, both of which are necessary to establish a secure connection. This makes the date and time configurations crucial.
  • Server Update Error: Additionally, it was discovered that, occasionally, changing the date and time to one day earlier than the actual time solved the problem. There appears to be no explanation for this workaround, which can only be characterised as a launcher problem.
  • game data: Another possibility is that this error is being caused by certain game files being corrupted or missing altogether. To enable the launcher to patch the game to the most recent version, all game files must be in their proper locations. Otherwise, it might stop the game from starting.

Solution 1: Altering the Date and Time.

This problem has mixed results; some people are having it because their date and time settings aren’t accurate, while others have been able to get around it because their date and time settings are incorrect. We’ll test out both of these fixes.

  1. To access the settings, press “Windows” + “I,” then select the “Time & Language” tab.
  2. To disable it, click the “Set Time Automatically” toggle.
  3. Toggle it back on by clicking the button once more.
  4. Return to the game and look to see if a patch is available.
  5. Return to the “Time & Language” settings and click the “Set Time Automatically” toggle to deactivate it if the patch loop persists.
  6. Select “Change” from the menu that appears just below “Set Time Manually.”
  7. Next, set the clock exactly “24 hours” (or more) behind the actual time and date.
  8. Verify whether the problem is still present.
  9. You can reset the time in the settings if the patch loop has been fixed.

Solution 2: Hex Tool

The developers of Riot Games advise using an automated fix tool to resolve any issues with their games, and we will use that tool in our case to find out if any game files are missing. in order to

  1. You can download the tool for Windows and Mac from these links, respectively.
  2. Click with the right mouse button on the downloaded zip file and choose “Extract Files…”
  3. After extracting the files into a folder of your choice, launch the folder’s primary executable.
  4. To run the tool and check for game issues, adhere to the on-screen instructions.
  5. After the game has been scanned and fixed, see if the problem is still present.