8 Best Vietnamese Foods You Need To Try

Vietnamese foods are the well-known origin food of Vietnam, which are made of different types and different tastes. Vietnamese foods are very special, and you can never forget their taste after eating. Vietnam has a lot of popular food which is found on the street side and restaurants.

These meals are made with sweet, sour, salty, and various flavors. All these flavors are obtained by the use of nuoc mam. This fermented fish sauce.

Vietnamese Foods

Tamarind, citrus fruits, sugar cane, sugar, and chili juice are also added to the food here, which makes the taste special. Fresh herbs are also used in plenty in the cuisine here, this food is not made too spicy because people here use chili sauce separately.


8 Vietnamese Foods You Need to Try

Here we are telling you some such Vietnamese foods that you must try once, surely you will like it. Fresh ingredients are used in these foods.

1. Goi Cuon

It is fast food, also known as spring roll, which is one of the famous street foods of Vietnam. It is made from fresh and healthy ingredients. Goi Cuon (spring rolls) are wrapped with various fillings such as boiled rice noodles, vegetables, herbs, sliced pork, and shrimp.

Spring rolls are usually eaten by a dip in hoisin peanut and nuoc cham sauce. Spring rolls are deep-fried and fresh from inside.

2. Banh Xeo

This is a crispy stuffed rice pancake which is Vietnam’s popular street snack especially in the south (Cambodia). Here Banh means cake and Xoe mean sizzle. This dish is also known as Vietnamese crepe. This is a fried salted pancake based on rice flour. Its filling includes pork belly, bean sprouts, mung bean, sliced green onion, prawns, and shrimp.

This special pancake is served with mint, Thai basil, fish mint, and also with lettuce. The main ingredients of this dish are rice flour, turmeric powder, water, and coconut milk. If you ever go on a Vietnam tour then definitely try this dish, it is a very tasty dish or snack.

3. Bánh mì

Bánh mì is the Vietnamese word for bread which is a sandwich-type snack. It has many alternative names such as Vietnamese roll or sandwich and Saigon roll or sandwich. This special Vietnamese sandwich is prepared with a filling of pork sauces, coriander leaf, carrot(spices), cucumber, and other spicy dishes like spicy daikon and a filling of pate.

Chilli and mayonnaise are also used in Banh mi. This dish is a thin, crispy crust and a soft baguette that is split from the inside and filled with various ingredients such as sandwiches. beef, chicken, tofu, and liver are also used to make it in different ways.

4. Banh Cha

It is a Vietnamese popular dish made of grilled pork and noodles. This is Hanoi’s famous and special caramelized grilled pork meatball. The pork is barbecued on a charcoal brazier and is served by laying rice noodles on top of it with mixed pods and broth.

This is an easy recipe that everyone can make fresh and full of flavor. Vegetables can be put in this recipe as per your choice. If you are a foodie lover and have ever visited Vietnam then you must try this dish. Banh cha is sold at food stalls, almost all the street side of the city. It is usually food eaten at lunch.

5. Cơm tấm

Com tam food is famous in Ho Chi Minh City and is the favorite street food of the people here. It is a snack made of small pieces of rice, which are traditionally made from leftover style. This dish is made from rice with fractured rice grains. This snack is served with steamed, grilled, shredded pork along with fish or only fried eggs.

Cơm tấm is made using a squeeze of lime, a sprinkling of fresh herbs, and a sprinkle of spring onion which reflects the specialty of the food. Com means cooked rice, and tom means broken rice grain. Com tam Sai Gon is also the name of this dish or snack. This is Vietnam’s most favorite street food.

6. Cao lầu

Cau Lau is the most popular and tasty bowl of noodles in Middle Vietnam hoi An. It is a thick rice flour noodle made in mild rice soup and includes bean sprouts, pork rind, and croutons. Pork slices are placed on the top and then served with grilled rice-flour crackers or sprinkled with crispy rice paper.

This is typical with local salad and green beans. This food is cooked by the water drawn from a particular place which is a specialty of this food. This is a mouth-watering flavor of food. In this, mint and star anise are used for flavor. If you also want to enjoy this taste, then pre-book a Vietnam trip now.

7. Bun Bo Nam Bo

Bun Bo Nam Bo is beef on rice noodles-based food from the south. It is the most popular dish in the capital of Vietnam. Its name means noodles with beef from the south. Both locals and tourists here are fans of this dish. It is an all-time-eaten dish in Vietnam.

Noodle salad is known as cold food. Its taste makes a big impression. This hot noodle salad is made with thin noodles and served with marinated beef (Bo).

It is wrapped in garlic and lemongrass. This Vietnamese dish is sold at many of Vietnam’s best restaurants and street stalls. The beef thin strips are marinated in garlic, lemongrass, sugar, and oyster sauce.

Then the beef fry herbs and vegetables are covered with a layer of macaroni noodles. Then one teaspoon of notch tea, Vietnam needle chutney, spices, and lemon and sugar mix.

8. Xoi Ga

This is a simple and famous Vietnamese dish. It consists of sticky rice with a boil or fried chicken placed on the top. This dish is traditionally served on banana leaves. The top is usually sprinkled with shrimp and chili sauce.

A variety of things can be used for flavorings, such as freshly fried vegetables or Xa Xiu (Chinese roast pork), tinted and flavored rice. It is a nutritious and inexpensive street food that is available in every region of Vietnam. You need to try it. People liked it because of its tasty flavor.


There are many foods in Vietnam that are very popular and they are made from various fresh ingredients, that too in different ways with different tastes. All these foods are available at street stalls and restaurants.

If you ever get an opportunity to eat Vietnamese food, then you must enjoy it. These Vietnamese foods are famous for their specialty and quality. You can’t forget the taste of these foods.