Victoria Pedretti Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

There’s a good possibility you won’t know the name now, but you probably will in the not-too-distant future.

Victoria Pedretti is a rising talent who has made waves early in her career and now has the opportunity to make even more of an impact as the “New Scream Queen.” How did Victoria Pedretti become known as “Victoria Pedretti,” though?

Victoria Pedretti Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


Victoria Peredetti Expressed Interest in Performing?

Victoria Pedretti’s first love, now that she thinks about it, was actually musicals. Her career path was altered after she was rejected from a role in the high school musical. When I tried out for the high school musical and didn’t make it, I remember thinking, “Well, I guess I’ll do theatre then.” Lame, right?

There are no rousing musical numbers here! “Where is everybody having fun?” she asked Collider. Theater, she discovered, is anything from dull, and she ended up falling in love with it.

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The icing on the cake was when an audience member came up to her after one of her performances and said, “That affected me.” That got my reaction of “shit, really?” Yes, that’s a fantastic sensation. Being able to have an effect like that is quite satisfying, and it becomes addictive once you realise how much of an effect you can have.

After Victoria Pedretti finished college, she had to wait a while before she found success. She had relocated to the Big Apple in order to apply for roles, like so many other aspiring performers before her. According to her, she came really close to landing some major gigs but was ultimately overlooked.

She was unfazed that she hadn’t landed those early jobs and was excited about her career going forward. I thought to myself, “Damn, this feels wonderful. It appears to be functioning. People are starting to react. It seems I am receiving comments once more. A reaction has been seen in the public. Then, I’ll say something like, “Okay, let’s just keep it going.”

The opportunity she had been waiting for came her way because of her positive mindset. It happened during a Zoom call with Flanagan. My call with Mike Flanagan was conducted via a technology called Zoom.

The conference was held in the small room where I was living, which was partitioned off from the rest of the living room. After that, I believe he was planning out how to cast me. If you watch the pilot, you’ll see what Mike Flanagan saw in her that led him to cast her.

Congratulatory Career Success in a Short Time

Victoria Pedretti’s acting career has been brief. In fact, she only started acting in 2018 for a role that would boost her reputation as a scream queen.

Pedretti had a small role in two 2014 short films (Sole and Uncovering Eden), but her career took off in 2018 when she was cast in The Haunting of Hill House, an episode of Mike Flanagan’s (Gerald’s Game, Doctor Sleep) Netflix horror series. The series was based on Shirley Jackson’s 1959 novel of the same name, and it was just as eerie and unsettling as the book.

Victoria Pedretti played an elderly Nell Crain over the course of 10 episodes in The Haunting of Hill House. Throughout the story, Violet McGraw portrayed a younger version of Nell in a number of flashback scenes.

While the show took some cues from Jackson, Flanagan’s story is set in 1992, when the Crain family first came at Hill House with plans to remodel the house.

Later, they want to sell it and use the proceeds to commission Olivia Crain to design and build their own home (Carla Gugino). Paranormal occurrences start happening to the family when they are forced to stay in the house for much longer than expected because of the failed house flip.

The family suffers a terrible loss and is forced to abandon the mansion as a result. After 29 years, another catastrophe draws the family back together, and now they must face the lasting effects of what happened at Hill House.

The reviews for Victoria Pedretti’s turn as Nell Crain were unanimously positive. Stephen King, an avid reader of Jackson’s novel, tweeted his approval of the entire series: “I don’t generally care for this kind of revisionism, but this is amazing. It’s almost as good as a work of genius.

If Shirley Jackson were still alive, she’d probably like it, but who knows. Famous filmmaker Quentin Tarantino said of the show, “My favourite Netflix series, with no competition, is The Haunting of Hill House,” in an interview with The Jerusalem Post. That’s a lot of praise coming from some very serious authors.

When Upon a Time…

It may come as a surprise, but Victoria Pedretti’s prominence after Hill House wasn’t what drew Tarantino’s eye when she auditioned for Once Upon a Time, his 2019 feature.

There in Hollywood. As his previous films have shown, Tarantino’s casting is, at best, elusive. Basically, this was the same.

Pedretti did not know Tarantino prior to her tryout for Once Upon a Time. Hill House hadn’t even launched on Netflix yet, so she knew he hadn’t seen any of her work before her audition. She had zero mainstream acting credits to her name before the audition.

Almost Instantly, Victoria Pedretti got it.

As the casting process progressed, Victoria Pedretti immediately realised that Tarantino was seeking genuine performances from the individuals who would play the Manson family.

The fact that Pedretti looked like the genuine Leslie Van Houten was the first thing he noticed about her. Pedretti claims that her physical attributes were not the main reason she was cast. Apparently, she “didn’t suck” at acting. Not if Tarantino had not chosen her to play “Lulu” Van Houten. Although small, the part was crucial.

Love Quinn

Simultaneously, Victoria Pedretti was settling into a role on yet another Netflix original series. This character’s name was You, and she appeared in Season 2 of the Greg Berlanti show. She plays Love Quinn, the love interest of Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), who is running away from his past in this film.

Goldberg is trying to start over after the fatal conclusion to his last relationship by relocating from New York to Los Angeles. Joe doesn’t want or need another woman, but then Love comes along.

Scream Queen Victoria Perrelli Returns, Part 2

Mike Flanagan was up for more, so the only question was whether or not Victoria Pedretti was game for another round. The answer was an overwhelming yes, so Flanagan and Pedretti collaborated on the sequel series The Haunting of Bly Manor.

In this new role, Victoria Pedretti would not be portraying her Hill House persona but rather the au pair Dani Clayton who has been engaged to care for the children of the wealthy Wingrave family.

Dani takes the position hoping to get away from her horrific background, but soon she starts having unexplained experiences at Bly Manor.

She was dubbed the “new Scream Queen” for her performance in Bly Manor, which came after her brief appearance in an episode of Amazing Stories in 2020. That Pedretti co-starred with Elizabeth Moss in the film adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s life is also a plus. Victoria Pedretti seems to be relaxing into her newfound love of scary stories.

Tell me about her Social Media Presence.

Victoria Pedretti is unlikely to launch a major campaign on social media. Though there is an Instagram account out there claiming to be the authorship of the rising star, the account is not actively maintained.

Also, she only occasionally posts on social media, but recently “she” made headlines with an Instagram photo of a woman’s nipple. Soon later, a picture of a hairy (presumably male) nipple took its place.

This one was captioned, “This is on purpose. No hacks. Consequently, we have to assume that a hacker was responsible for the female nipple that came before the male one. The site also features a sizable number of merely mundane postings.

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Where will Victoria Pederetti go from here?

Victoria Pedretti currently has no projects in the works besides You, should the show return for a fourth season. She had been working on one major production, a Hulu series called Saint X, however she just departed the show due to “creative issues.” Eventually, actress Alycia Debnam-Carey took her place (Fear the Walking Dead).

Victoria Pedretti left Saint X due to “creative disputes,” the nature of which remain unknown despite widespread knowledge that the set has been plagued by problems.

According to Collider, “the show has been shut down in the Dominican Republic after a huge number of staff workers walked off the performance, purportedly over a salary issue.”

Crew members believe they were underpaid for their overtime, leading to the current issue. Things to a head, and the crew left.