The Committee had been looking into the capitol attack, and they have subpoenaed social media giants Twitter, Reddit, and the parent companies of Facebook and Google. The Committee had asked for a lot of info and details along with the documents from them and they have not got any response from some of the biggest tech companies out there.

Thus they went on ahead and again demanded the information regarding domestic terrorism from the parent company of Google named Alphabet along with  Facebook now known as Meta as well as Twitter and Reddit. This had been going on for some time and since there had been no response from the people on the companies, there had been trouble with the matter at hand.

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“Two key questions for the Select Committee are how the spread of misinformation and violent extremism contributed to the violent attack on our democracy, and what steps — if any — social media companies took to prevent their platforms from being breeding grounds for radicalizing people to violence,” said in a statement by Chairman Bennie Thompson. This seems like an urgent enough topic to be addressed and important too. So it does seem that they are in the wrong.

“It’s disappointing that after months of engagement, we still do not have the documents and information necessary to answer those basic questions,” Thompson continued to say. “The Select Committee is working to get answers for the American people and help ensure nothing like January 6th ever happens again. We cannot allow our important work to be delayed any further.”