United States to Lift Travel Ban Nov. 8

The White House had made the decision and they have gone ahead and said it to them on this Friday that now it would allow all of the international travelers to travel to the country. But they are going on to put some restrictions on it too. These are the travelers who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

They are going to be allowed to go into the United States which is going to be put into effect starting on November 8. They are now going to be gone ahead and lifting a ban on all of the vaccinated visitors from the UK, European Union,  and other countries all over the world.

United States to Lift Travel Ban Nov. 8

The White House that had been going on in a discussion about this matter last month had said on this matter at hand that it had already planned to lift the travel restrictions. The travel restrictions that had been in place are the ones which had barred most of all of the non-United States citizens to go on ahead and not be allowed in the country, who had recently gone abroad and had been in Brazil, Europe, South Africa, and elsewhere, in early November.

The rules of this travel ban had been in place for quite some amount of time. This was something that was first set during the Trump administration more likely set to be taken in place according to the early stages in the pandemic.

This was done in order to slow down the speed of the spread of the Covid-19 virus. This same set of laws then went ahead and then was extended by the new Biden administration in the winter.

″We are glad and now we welcome the Biden administration’s science-based approach that now we have and that is to begin on with all of the liftings the restrictions that had been placed on the travel to the United States, the same bans that had been put into place at the very start of the pandemic,” American’s CEO Doug Parker said in a statement. That’s all that we have now.