How To Unblock YouTube

YouTube is your go-to spot no matter where you are in the world, whether you want your daily dose of street food videos or a step-by-step video guide for a software installation. There are over 5 billion videos seen every day, and YouTube has something for everyone.

You might visit a different nation and discover that you can’t access YouTube there. There are many places where the most popular video site is prohibited. It happens not only on a national scale; you may stroll into a university or an office space, type into your browser and get a black screen with the error “video unavailable” glaring back at you.

Fortunately, these simple methods will show you to quickly and smoothly unblock YouTube videos.


Why Is YouTube Blocked?

YouTube is known to be a significant distraction. The audience spends hours watching a man build a swimming pool in the jungle. Therefore it becomes a primary reason to ask network administrators to disable YouTube at your school or workplace.

How to Unblock YouTube

Other reasons to come across a restricted video include: Due to licensing limitations, the video owner has access to specific countries. Because of local legal constraints, one can come across a blocked video. Government pressure to censor content

Five Easy Ways To Unblock YouTube

Here are some easy-to-implement ways to solve the blocked youtube issue.

1. Use a VPN

The simplest and most secure way to unblock YouTube videos is to use a reputable virtual private network (VPN) service. This service reroutes your request through one of their servers. It means that the receiving website (in this case, YouTube) will believe the request came from the VPN server.

So, if you’re on a VPN server in China and want to watch a video that’s only available in India, directly change your connection to a VPN server in India to unblock a YouTube video.

The steps to do that:

Step 1: First, Choose a VPN- reputable VPNs can easily unblock YouTube.

Step 2: Second, Install the VPN software on your PC, smartphone, or tablet, depending on how you intend to browse YouTube.

Step 3: Further, Start the VPN software; you’ll need to go through the setup process and agree to various rights. These can be terms and maybe privacy conditions or permissions to access your device.

Step 4: Next, Hit the ‘connect’ button. The main menu will feature a ‘connect’ button, press to start the VPN connection using the provider’s nearest server (or fastest server, often the same thing). It hides your location and makes it look like you are outside the building or the block.

Another step is required to get around a nationwide ban.

Step 5: Choose another server to avoid a total block over an entire country. You must transfer to a foreign server in a different country.

You should be able to stream YouTube unrestricted after this.

2. Unblock YouTube With a Proxy

If you don’t have a VPN, you can attempt unblocking YouTube through a proxy, but this approach is less safe and may disclose your personal information. Proxies, unlike VPNs, do not encrypt your data; instead, they filter your traffic through a specific server, changing your IP address – making it look as if you are in a different place.

There are many proxies available online, and some of them are also available through browser extensions. If you want to take a chance and unblock YouTube using the same, all you have to do is enter the URL of your YouTube video on a proxy server site.

However, when you use a free proxy site to unblock YouTube, you grant this site access to your browser data. Cybercriminals frequently utilize proxies to steal personal information such as bank account information, logins, passwords, or credit card information. All the information you enter when using a proxy is easy to track and record by the proxy’s owner and therefore is potentially harmful.

3. Watch YouTube Content Offline

The best approach to unblock YouTube is by not trying to do. If you only require a few YouTube videos, you can store them for offline viewing before traveling to a location where YouTube is restricted. This way, you won’t have to circumvent any limits or breach any company policies.

Another way to download YouTube videos is by getting a premium subscription. The steps to follow:

Step 1: First, navigate to a YouTube video on your mobile device.

Step 2: Second, select the Download option.

Step 3: Next, select the desired quality of the video.

Step 4: Finally, allow time for the video to download.

It may be convenient for folks who don’t mind watching YouTube videos on their phone, but offline viewing is disabled on Mac. Also, because a YouTube Premium subscription costs a decent amount, it only makes sense for folks who already have a subscription.

4. Unblock With Tor

Tor stands for The Onion Router and is a browser that conceals your IP address. It works by routing traffic across several servers, preventing YouTube from detecting your location. The address of the exit node will be visible to the YouTube server. If the exit node is in a country where watching the movie is not restricted, you can use this method to unblock it.

The issue with Tor is that it is lagging, and you can’t always predict which nation your exit node will be in and hence which YouTube videos will be restricted or unblocked. Hoping data across multiple nodes adds a lot of delays and substantially decreases your connection speed, making watching YouTube videos difficult, especially at higher resolutions.

Tor videos frequently take a long time to load and can stall or stutter when playing, particularly at higher resolutions.

Tor appears to be a good solution for accessing YouTube from anywhere in the world, and it operates similarly to a standard browser: type or the URL of your video in the address box.

5. Using Google Translate

It is interesting to know that, apparently, you can get around network restrictions by using Google Translate to view YouTube. It works only if Google Translate isn’t prohibited. Users can bypass blocked websites on their local network by rerouting the URL through Google rather than their local network.

This method, however, cannot work on websites that have restrictions at the ISP level, which is an exceedingly rare event.

As mentioned, it could be a suitable option for schools where sites like Google Translate are typically permitted.

Here’s how to use Google Translate to unblock YouTube:

Step 1: First, launch Google Translate on your browser.

Step 2: Next, set the input language to “detect language” and the output language to English.

Step 3: Copy and paste the YouTube URL into the entry field.

Step 4: After, select the “translated” option.

Step 5: Finally, the video should begin playing in a new window.

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If looking for the most secure and dependable means of unblocking YouTube, one should go with a VPN. It helps you quickly and efficiently bypass network firewalls without exposing your personal information. You can also try downloading YouTube videos for offline viewing. Alternatively, individuals can also use workarounds like a proxy, Tor, or Google Translate, depending on the situation mentioned above.