UK Authorizes Merck Antiviral Pill

We have been hearing a lot about the Merck Covid 19 pills that had been known to cure the coronavirus. But there had been some debate going on about this oral treatment. It is indeed one thing that could change the way of Covid if it works in the first place. The United States is taking a long time to check what it is and how it is done and if it is safe for the people to be given.

Now while they were busy doing so, the UK became the first country to authorize the pills. Of course, it is a conditional authorization, and not a lot of people know about what is going on or when even the pill is going to be available.

UK authorizes Merck antiviral pill, first shown to treat COVID-19

The pill, as it is, had been licensed for adults who are of the age of 18 and older. It is also said that the pill is only for those patients who have tested positive for Covid 19, and all the patients have to get at least one of the risk factors for developing severe disease.

The drug seems to work as it had been seen in some of the trials. It had also been known to be very effective. They have named it Molnupiravir. There is a particular dosage for the drug too. It was created to be intended to be taken twice a day for five days. Only for people with mild or moderate Covid symptoms.

Now it is really interesting that science, or rather medical science, has come up with an antiviral pill that will help the patients reduce the symptoms and help in the process of speeds recovery. This, once it has been tested and approved by a majority of the world, is going to prove to be groundbreaking.

If these pills are really to be brought into circulation, then we will see that we have two ways to approach the coronavirus. One is when you can get the pill to get the treatment for the virus and the vaccine, which is more of a preventive measure than a cure.