Top 8 Apps Like TutuApp

Tutuapp is a mobile software application that is highly recommended to be an alternative to the play store. The app provides content such as paid games, themes, apps, and regular updates free of cost for all android users.

This app is compatible with iOS device users starting from iOS version 7. It is completely legal and safe to use this app, however, users who are not sure about its security can download a VPN or anti-virus software so that it does not harm the device by chance.



Top 8 Apps Like TutuApp In 2021

It has a team helpline who is attentive to the user’s issues and problems from time to time. The app sometimes goes into up-gradation due to which users for a specific time period cannot access the app. So, few users have started to look in for its alternatives such as:

1. Vshare

It is an app that is professionally preferred as an alternative for both the play store and Appstore. It provides content such as paid-up apps, games and ensures regular updates for every app available for free of cost.

Apps that are not available are play store and Appstore are available in Vshare without any glitch and downloading issues and it is legal as well as safe to use. Users are recommended to download the app first on their PC or Desktop before it is installed on their mobiles.

2. 9Apps

It is a third-party online-based streaming application that was built as an alternative to the play store and Apple store, focusing on both Android and iOS device users. To all its users free of cost, it gives access to a huge variety of apps and games with regular updates that either are paid, available, or unavailable in the play store such as the junk cleaner app, music apps, themes app, file manager, etc.

3. Appvalley

It is a third-party application that was originally launched in mid-year 2017 by App Valley LLC, a service operator based in America. It is developed as a perfect alternative for the apple store for all iOS device users, additionally providing those apps, games that are either paid or not available in the apple store such as music apps, screen recorder apps, theme apps, games, etc. for free of cost.

One of the attractive features being the dark mode theme installed for the app gives users a better experience with an easily accessible user interface. It is legal and safe to use for all iOS users, however, it is not accessible by android users. Owners of the app may launch Appvalley for android users and ensure to secure the details of all its users in a confidential manner.

4. TweakBox

It is one of the well-known mobile applications that is developed for both iOS device users and Android device users for a better service experience. It has its own website in which only the app can be downloaded and not from the play store or apple store.

Additionally, it provides the users with those apps, games, and themes that generally are available in paid versions, free of cost which makes this app even more in demand. Currently, it has more than two thousand apps available for all its users that are easy to search and access. It is completely safe and legal to stream in this app with a user-friendly interface.

Apple Company has not approved its certification due to which it cannot be included in the iOS software and it led to a decrease in usage of this app beginning with the iOS users first followed by the Android users, that ended the usage of this app by its owners within few years of its release.

5. Appeven

It is an online streaming application that has turned out to be a reliable alternative for the apple store over the years. This app has a variety of content sources such as apps and games that are either paid up or unavailable in the apple store without any payment of charges.

For downloading the app safely into the device, users must access its website and not the original apple store available on their device. However, this app never became official due to which it was shut down permanently by its owners giving users the only option to use its alternatives.

6. PPHelper

It is a software application that is originally developed by a Chinese service provider as a third-party app to download apps and games. This app is not active continuously and has access to limited languages because of which the number of users also are not consistent. The app has a simple interface and is safe to use for all users, exclusively for iOS device users.

7. AppCake

It is a device application that allows sharing of APK and IPA files for all the iOS users originally launched by, with the help of jailbreak access. This app has its features categorized that help users to locate their searches easily as it covers multiple genres of content such as health and fitness, music, business, food and drink, travel, utility, services, etc. It also recommends the top most searched and downloaded apps to its users on its website to draw attention.

8. Aptoide

It is a software that is entirely java scripted that is exclusively built for android users to install a variety of apps originally released in the year-end 2009. There are different software in the name of aptoide for different devices of android such as Aptoide App for smartphones and tablets, Aptoide TV for smart TVs, Aptoide Kids for providing channels for the children. It is completely legal and safe to use this app which leads to more than one million users to date across the globe.


There are various more alternatives apart from those mentioned above such as Asterix Installer, CokernutX, Emus4u, iNoJB, iPASTORE, Zestia App, Mojo installer, Panda Helper, etc. Users started to look for alternatives because they believe that the other apps also provide the same features and they are equally safe and legal compared to tutuapp and most of the apps mentioned above are perfect alternatives.

If users want to access other third-party apps that are not available to access in their country then they can use a VPN or anti-virus software to download and use it for better experience and secureness.