Trevor Noah Doesn’t Trust At-Home Tests

Born on February 20, 1984 in Johannesburg, South Africa, Trevor Noah is a comedian, TV host, political pundit, and author best known for his role as host (2015-) of the American comedy news programme The Daily Show.

His stand-up comedy performances, in which he often drew upon his experiences growing up in South Africa, also earned him widespread acclaim.

Trevor Noah Doesn’t Trust At-Home Tests

Mother Xhosa was from South Africa, while father was white and Swiss. When Noah was born, his parents were forced to keep their interracial relationship secret from the lawful authorities of South Africa’s apartheid regime.

In Soweto, an urban region outside of Johannesburg designated for Black people, Noah was reared by his mother and grandmother.

At times, they felt they had to hide Noah from the authorities for fear of his being taken from his family, as multiracial children were frequently removed from their homes. The end of apartheid occurred when he was probably around 10 years old.

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Trevor Noah Doesn’t Trust At-Home Tests: Watching for a Delivery

Through a new website launched on Tuesday by the Biden administration, Americans can now request free at-home Covid testing. You’ll receive the tests in seven to twelve business days.

What a relief that everyone will finally be able to test, but just for seven to twelve days? I mean, each and every day is valuable. In a pandemic, time is of the essence. Joe Biden, of all people, should be aware of this. Trevor Noah made the remark, which seems a little extreme in the context of an outbreak of this magnitude.

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