Now it is a weird place that the world is in right now. Some places are getting back to normalcy with the restrictions being lifted and the lockdown opening up. Some places are still in the clutches of the growing period of the coronavirus, and many cases are still found to be popping up every day. This goes without saying that this puts the world in a very awkward position.

While some people are enjoying the return to somewhat of normalcy after a very long period of restrictions, some people are still dreadful and fearful of the growing number of cases in and around them. Disneyland had officially opened with their no mask required policy. Spain had also announced the citizens to not have a mandatory mask on.

Transitions Are Slow In A Lingering Pandemic

Whereas in India and Britain, the Lockdown is still in place, and the cases are found every day too. In this period of a very slow transition from the pandemic situation, many countries are being left behind. The dilemma of the vaccine is another case completely. Britain had announced compulsory vaccination for everyone in the preparation of the third wave. Joe Biden appealed to the masses to get their vaccination completed since the delta variant is going to affect young people at an alarming rate.

The drive and demand for the vaccine is skyrocketing, and that is pretty much understandable. People are getting desperate to get the vaccine. At some places, even panic had started. However, the production of the vaccine is still going on by the pharmaceutical industry at a very high rate. Attempts are made to protect everyone and return to normalcy.