Top Rated 22 Revolvers in the Market

The 22 handguns have a functional element to them. The 22 calibers may be used to teach the principles of shooting to inexperienced shooters. With its low recoil and muzzle rise, the caliber is simple to handle.

Intermediate shooters may push their tactical shooting to the next level. The 22 calibers will aid beginning shooters’ trigger control, whilst intermediate/advanced shooters may smack the trigger for fast, accurate rapid firing.

When compared to semi-auto pistols, revolvers are superb and dependable handguns because the internals is practically hard to jam. It’s generally the ammo that causes a revolver to jam.

Here are some excellent 22 caliber revolvers on the market that may be plinked with, used for target practice, or utilized for varmint management.


What are the Advantages of Owning a Best 22 Revolver?

To begin, let’s have a look at the ammo for 22 caliber rifles is affordable and widely accessible. Many fans would agree that a good 22 revolver is essential. The accuracy of a 22 revolver is superior to that of many semi-automatic pistols.

Furthermore, with proper maintenance, you should be able to shoot thousands of rounds. It’s fairly unusual for these rifles to pass down through the generations.

Simple tune-ups, such as pull weight modifications, are even possible on certain models. It’s simple to change the grip, and you could even install a scope without too much trouble. Though the latter may be a little excessive for a weapon of this caliber.

Last but not least, there’s the cost. These revolvers are among the most affordable, and you can get a decent deal for under a thousand dollars.

Ruger LCR

The Ruger LCR is the only revolver without a hammer. The Ruger LCR sports an aluminum frame and polymer housing, which helps to reduce weight significantly. The revolver has an 8-round capacity, a 1.87-inch barrel, and weighs 14.9 ounces. Ruger’s unique friction-reducing cam is responsible for the very smooth trigger pull.

Ruger LCR

This is the best 22LR revolver for covert carry because of its compact size, lightweight, and hammerless design.

Overall, the Ruger is one of the greatest concealed carry options. It’s largely due to the little size and weight. The cylinder also has deep flutes that help to shed excess ounces.

The LCR’s compact form factor does, however, have significant restrictions. The little sight is difficult to see in general, and the contrast paint helps, if not for the fact that it goes off quickly. Upgrading the stock sight with a nice after-market problem is a smart approach to combat this.

Smith & Wesson Model 63

The Model 63 is a smaller version of Smith & Wesson’s iconic J-Frame revolver. The J-Frame revolver has been in production for more than six decades and is immensely popular.

With a weight of 24.8 ounces, the revolver is still quite light. It comes with an 8-round magazine and a 3-inch barrel. It’s suitable for concealed carry, general self-defense, and, of course, pleasure shooting.

S&W used stainless steel for the barrel, frame, and cylinder, thus it’s well-made. The cylinder cycles smoothly, and the trigger action is mild. The revolver’s barrel is 3″ long, which adds to its balance.

The 63 has a synthetic grooved grip that provides a secure grip regardless of the conditions. It’s also simple to swap out the grip with a wooden one if you want.

Heritage Rough Rider

You could be reminded of the legendary Single Action Army revolver by looking at this revolver. In any case, the Rough Rider is an extremely effective modern weapon.

It’s one of the heaviest in its class at 33.4 oz., and the 6.5″ barrel makes it difficult to hide. It is, nevertheless, expertly constructed and confirmed as trustworthy and accurate.

The cannon is also carefully manufactured for greater mechanical accuracy, which will be evident at the range. Despite being a single-action revolver, it enables extremely tight clusters to be shot.

It’s worth mentioning that the barrel features micro-threads to help your ammo perform better. The distance between the barrel and the cylinder is also ideal.

North American Arms 22 Mag Mini Revolver

The 22 Mag Mini revolver is a small revolver. The gun measures 4″ long, 2.38″ in height, and has a 1.12″ barrel. It’s also incredibly light, weighing only 4.6 oz.

One of the finest characteristics is its tiny size, which makes it one of the best-concealed carry options. The revolver has a five-round cylinder and a stainless steel frame.

The hammer is visible and sticks out approximately half an inch. This provides for more comfortable cocking, but if you wear the Mag Mini in your pocket, you may feel the hammer. That isn’t to suggest that this isn’t important.

More significantly, the revolver is dependable and consistent. Not to mention the fact that it’s a lot of fun to photograph. The rosewood grip is a great touch, and a rubber grip is also available.

Smith & Wesson Model 617 Revolver

The 617 outperforms the competition in terms of accuracy, design, and performance. This revolver is available with either a 4″ or a 6″ barrel, both of which are accurate. This dual-action revolver also has a precise trigger action.

The 6″ barrel will, of course, provide you with a wider viewing radius. This comes at the expense of size and maybe a little balance. Depending on what you’re attempting to do, you can’t go wrong with either.

This is a K-frame revolver that uses low-cost 22 LR ammo. The cylinder carries 10 rounds, which is sufficient for a wide range of uses.

The grip is made of synthetic materials and is grooved for a better grip. But, for whatever reason, you may easily replace it with wood.

After all is said and done, the S&W 617 is one of the greatest pistols in its class. It does, however, come at a price that is commensurate with the build quality. Finally, you’ll be purchasing a weapon that may endure decades.


Choosing the finest 22 revolvers is a difficult task. Each of the models listed above stands out as a dependable and enjoyable weapon. Overall, though, the Ruger LCR is most likely the finest value for money.

It’s hammerless and dual-action, with a ten-round cylinder that’s not too heavy. The shooting is smooth because of the friction-reducing cam. The deep flutes also help the pistol blend in as a concealed carry weapon.