‘Too Hot To Handle Season 2’ Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

Season 2 of Netflix’s “Too Hot to Handle” will be released in June. After a year-long break, the hot reality dating competition series returns. After its May 2020 premiere on Netflix, “Too Hot to Handle” quickly became a viral sensation thanks to its crazy premise.

Could four twenty-something singles resist the desire to hook up long enough to earn a $100,000 prize? Or would they succumb to their lustful inclinations?


According to Business Insider, “Too Hot to Handle” soon became one of Netflix’s most popular shows, despite receiving only a 37 percent approval rating from critics.

Netflix renewed “Too Hot to Handle” and surreptitiously filmed two additional seasons throughout the outbreak, Variety said in January, allegedly due to the show’s popularity and attention-grabbing premise. Isn’t it clever?

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When will Too Hot to Handle Season 2 be Released?

Season 2 of “Too Hot to Handle” has already been scheduled for release on Netflix, which is great news for fans. To be more accurate, how about “dates of release?”

That’s correct: Season 2 of “Too Hot to Handle” will be released on two separate occasions. The first five episodes of Season 2 of “Too Hot to Handle” will premiere on Netflix on Wednesday, June 23, according to a date announcement video uploaded on YouTube in mid-May.

Wednesday, June 30th marks the release of the last five episodes, which will reveal if the new group of players can play by the rules or not.

Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Cast Members

Season 2 of “Too Hot to Handle” will include 10 new candidates. In keeping with the cast of Season 1, we can thank Entertainment Tonight for providing us with a breakdown of the five men and five women who will be travelling to a fresh tropical location.

In their 20s, contestants come from the United Kingdom (UK), Canada (Canada), New Zealand (New Zealand), France (France), and the United States.

You can check out Netflix’s “Meet the Cast” trailer on YouTube or read our brief breakdown of the candidates below (or both!). For Season 2, here’s what we know about the participants.

Model and personal trainer Cam, 24, hails from Wales, the United Kingdom.

The 24-year-old Canadian model is known as Carly.

Chase is a 24-year-old Arizonan athlete.

model from the UK, Emily, 27 years of age

A model and bartender from Florida, Kayla is 26.

Lawyer Larissa, 28, from Auckland, New Zealand, is the subject of this article.

France-based model and social media influencer Marvin, who is 26 years old

Melinda, a New York-based 28-year-old model

Nathan, a 27-year-old former stripper from the UK who now lives in Texas, is the subject of this article.

Peter, a 21-year-old personal trainer from New York City, is here to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Where will Too Hot to Handle Season 2 be Located?

For the first time, the Netflix reality TV show will be filmed on a Caribbean island. Casa Tau in Punta Mita, Mexico, served as the location for Season 1’s filming (via Bustle).

Besides the breathtaking views, the venue provided plenty of surf and sand for the Season 1 cast to enjoy while keeping things casual.

This reality competition series was no doubt helped by the tropical location’s heat, which kept the participants barely clad in order to entice them to hook up with one another and force the rest of the group to miss out on a hefty payday.

What is Too Hot to Handle spin-off show Extra Hot?

Fans of the reality series THTH are in for a treat this year, as the show will be receiving its own spinoff. Season one contestant Chloe Veitch will host Too Hot To Handle: Extra Hot, which premieres on Netflix UK YouTube on June 18th.

Chloe will break down the season two drama with her season one co-stars Nicole O’Brien and David Birtwistle before meeting with the actors of the upcoming series. Getting “all the tea about what really went down in the villa and what happened once they left.”

Each episode. The season two participants were introduced in the premiere episode, which aired on Friday, by Chloe, Nicole, and David.

What Happened in the Last Season of Too Hot to Handle?

Season one of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle featured a group of singles looking for love in a sunny coastal villa in exchange for $100,000 in cash and the promise of no sexual activity. While some of the candidates were able to complete the challenge, others failed horribly over the course of the eight episodes.

The prize pool was reduced to $50,000 due to the deductions made for every rule violation, but Harry and Francesca were given the opportunity to recoup some of their losses. Consequently, the remaining seven members of the group shared the $75,000 jackpot, taking home $7,500 (£6,080) apiece.

As expected, only two strong couples — Francesca and Harry and Rhonda and Sharron — emerged from the retreat as a couple, as they both incurred the greatest financial burden on their fellow retreatants.

When was Season two Filmed?

Filming began in September 2020, well before the two-season renewal announcement was made in January of that year. Casting for the show was disclosed by Variety: Production referred to the show Parties in Paradise rather than the show’s actual name “right up to the point that the cameras were rolling.”

Cam Holmes told the Express that they went to considerable efforts to make this happen “After picking me up, my driver wore a cap with the words Parties in Paradise reversed on it.

I was thinking, “OK, that must be Parties in Paradise,” the whole time I was staring at it. Where do they get these caps from, anyway? Who, exactly, would go to such lengths? They did, however. Their hats were counterfeit.”

In Season 2, Who Will be the Host?

A new setting, new cast, and even new rules have been introduced in Season 2, but one thing has remained constant: The narrator, sometimes known as Desiree Burch, is a person who isn’t Lana. This time around, Burch and Lana will once again be joking about and critiquing the contestants.

A sex-positive comic, Burch’s actual responses to filming were incorporated into the story. Said creative director Laura Gibson to Oprah Mag: “She was almost like another viewer. ‘Oh my god, he’s hot,’ she would exclaim. We’d also have to include that. He’s sexy.”

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Too Hot to Handle premiered on Netflix a year ago, and it’s hard to imagine. An escape and timely look at relationship building were provided by the dating programme. It encouraged attractive individuals to build close ties through conversation rather than physical contact last spring, at a period when social separation was new.

And everyone was bored on their couches. This season of Too Hot to Handle will premiere on Netflix on June 23 and 30, 2021, as we begin our comeback to regular in-person contact.