6 Top Technology Tips For Improving Your Spoken English

Although this tip cannot be repeated enough, the most efficient way to improve your spoken English is by practicing all the time. Do your best to speak as much as you can without apprehension or second thoughts about how to pronounce words because you must become relaxed first before any corrections are being done.

It is a minor psychological trick that does wonders to most non-English speakers as they gain the necessary speed and overcome the mental barrier. An addition of helpful technology, of course, is always of assistance, yet it must be explored with due care to ensure that it helps!


6 Top Technology Tips For Improving Your Spoken English 

1. HelloTalk

It is a free way to improve your skills by speaking to English natives from all over the world and making new friends. You can talk via audio or video streams and seek people who share your interests to make things even more fun! You can also practice your native language skills as well, as it has not only English speakers but opens up amazing learning possibilities!

Tips For Improving Your Spoken English

2. Memrise

It is a free way to improve your speaking skills daily, which works well because you cannot just reach a certain point if you do not practice all the time. When you use Memrise, focus on grammar as well, as it helps to learn it as you train your spoken English. It also uses short video and audio clips that you may change according to your native language.

If it does not fit your professional objectives for some reason, you can turn to professional translation services and ask the linguists to help you change or improve editable templates. Flexibility is the key here, which is one of the reasons this technology is so popular.

3. Fluentu

Nothing beats improving your spoken English with the help of movie clips, foreign spoken books, famous songs, and those amazing TV series where you can train your spoken and pronunciation skills.

It implements short clips that will help you to practice speaking and train your accentuation, too. You can also download other clips in the app’s database and extend your learning sessions by making things personalized to your taste.

4. ELSA Speak App

In basic terms, it helps to train one’s English accent, which is what most foreign learners wish to achieve as they learn. It uses a clever and innovative technology based on speech recognition, which is why it will help you to speak clearly and train your pronunciation skills for those English words and phrases that have an almost tonal quality to them.

5. Learn English Daily

This app is for the Android platform, but it gives a good idea of what can be achieved when you have an online dictionary, a set of grammar rules, and the tools to practice your speaking skills. It is important to include some reading aloud as well when learning foreign languages as it will help in terms of speaking coordination. Take your time to test it with any book you like!

6. DuoLingo

Any list in 2022 would be incomplete without this great app that will help you to test your knowledge and improve your speaking skills. It has an amazing AI-based algorithm that will determine your speed of answers and the pauses that you make. It is more of a testing app that will evaluate your skills, yet it is a good way to see where your weaknesses are.

 Record Yourself Speaking English

 Unfortunately, this aspect of improving one’s English is often ignored, yet when you record yourself talking in a foreign language and start to listen back to what you have, it helps to improve the way you talk, build sentences, and pronounce certain words. Do not be shy to try it out because it won’t cost you anything, and you only need a smartphone with a basic recording application to keep things going.

You can try Rev Voice Recorder that can set a different playback speed, which will be useful when you want to repeat unknown words or listen to some interesting podcasts. Remember that you can repeat what you have heard and practice this way, too!