Tiny Love Stories: ‘His Skin Against Mine’

Funny how sometimes things work out. So I’m visiting my friend Donnie in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has a younger sister, I believe, who lives in Manhattan. I invite her to a meeting and tell her that. Not long later, Donnie’s father passes away.


Tiny Love Stories: ‘His Skin Against Mine’

I’ll be bringing lemon chicken at the wake. Donnie asks me over to meet up with his sister Bonnie. Ronnie, Donnie’s twin, is one example.) My hand is trembling and I can’t stop saying, “I brought chicken,” because I’m so entranced.

Tiny Love Stories: ‘His Skin Against Mine’

for an unreasonably long time to Bonnie. A few days later, Donnie calls Bonnie and asks, “Remember the guy with the chicken?” According to Bonnie, yes. She said “Yeah,” being cautious about the circumstance. “Getting married took us an additional nine months. Alternatively: Bruce Julian.

Here is a photo of Ronnie and I on our wedding day, with our friends and loved ones watching.

When the Situation Calls

The fact that I gave birth to our first child while my wife gave birth to our second is a benefit of our two-uterus marriage.

My anxiety increased as her belly expanded. I have a special place in my heart for the child I gave birth to. Would we refer to our two kids as “my” and “hers” if we had two? I didn’t anticipate being able to distinguish between them, but how would I know? It was then time to leave.

I could only see my wife’s shocked reaction. The tremor caused her limbs to shake. The infant’s cries resembled a wail. I cut his umbilical cord and gave him a hug. The sensation of his skin against mine, however, is soothing. He owns me. We’ve got him. L. Abby Laura

A Line of Streaming

My Palestinian father passed away in 1988. My American mother had passed away two years prior. I spent a year adjusting to life without a mother or father after returning to Jordan, where I was born and raised.

One of my final purchases before leaving for the US was a classic Palestinian floor pillow embroidered in wheat and earth tones.

Its intricate design guided me through my feelings of grief and confusion. After years of use, the cushion tore, leaving rifts in the fine embroidery that mirrored the severance of a loved one’s passing.

I’ve noticed how the thread of love weaves itself into life’s fabric since becoming a widow. Lisa Suhair Majaj is who she is.

Despite the Blandness of the Cuisine, Life is Good.

We used to enjoy cooking together and replenishing our spice rack as a married pair. When our nest was empty, the number of bottles of hot sauce on the top shelf fell (too much heat for my husband alone).

I stopped baking so we could eat fewer carbohydrates. The cinnamon and vanilla extracts were collecting dust. His vegetarianism quickly gave way to my Paleo lifestyle.

Dinners as a result become monotonous and boring. The spice rack was filled with a lot of prescription bottles.

We still eat together most days even though retirement and the coronavirus have restricted our personal space. When sugar is available, nothing else is required. Author Karen DeBonis. Thanks for reading our article Tiny Love Stories: ‘His Skin Against Mine’.