The Things you Should Know About Delta Air Lines Before you Fly

Since its modest origins in 1925 as a crop dusting operation in Macon, Georgia, Delta has evolved to become one of the world’s major airlines. On a normal year, the carrier’s fleet of roughly 800 aircraft transports up to 200 million passengers to 300 destinations in over 50 countries.

Delta collaborates with a number of other international airlines, so chances are you’ll be traveling with the airline in the near future. If that is the case, here is all you need to know about Delta Air Lines before booking, including traveler comments.


Classification of Fares

Delta, like many other airlines, provides a bewildering array of pricing classes.

  • Economic Fundamentals

To begin, the lowest rates of Boeing 757 delta are Basic Economy or “E” fares. Seat assignments may be arranged only after check-in, and tickets cannot be changed or refunded after 24 hours after purchase. Regardless of whether you have Medallion elite status or not, tickets are ineligible for the following:

Delta Air Lines

  • Upgrades, paid or gratis
  • Delta Comfort (more legroom) seats are available for purchase, gratis, or at a discount.
  • Paid or uncompensated Preferential seating (window or aisle seats towards the front)
  • Confirmed or standby modifications made on the same day

Despite these disadvantages, many travelers believe the savings are worthwhile, particularly if you check in as soon as possible and are able to get a seat. 

  • Main Cabin

In the Main Cabin or regular economy, you can choose some seats for free when you book your ticket. You can also buy Preferred Seats for an extra fee (aisle and window) and Comfort (additional legroom) seats, as well as paid or complimentary upgrades, depending on your elite status.

Except for very costly fully refundable tickets, travelers who buy prices in the Main Cabin and above will be allowed to cancel or amend their tickets subject to certain limits (which we’ll discuss below) and may earn credit toward a future journey.

  • Comfort

Delta Comfort is the airline’s designation for their extra-legroom economy class, however, this ticket class also provides dedicated overhead space, priority boarding, and additional refreshments and services in comparison to Main Cabin. 

  • Select Premium

Delta debuted Premium Select international premium economy a few years ago, offering much bigger seats, updated entertainment displays, and upgraded amenities compared to the economy.

Additionally, passengers in this cabin enjoy Sky Priority airport service, which includes quicker check-in, security, and luggage services, as well as priority boarding. These cabins are offered on certain Airbus A330-900neo and A350 aircraft, as well as select Boeing 757-200 and 767-400 aircraft.

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  • Delta First

Contrary to popular belief, Delta First is not the airline’s most upscale offering. On the contrary, it is simply first-class on domestic and regional flights and is very similar to Premium Select. In doing so, you will get more baggage allowance and better food and drinks than economy class passengers, as well as be one of the first to board if you choose exactly these places in the airplane seating chart.

  • Delta One

Finally, the airline’s flagship cabin is Delta One, which has pod-like lie-flat seats and the opulent suites that the company debuted in 2016 on both long-haul international routes and premium transcontinental flights such as those between New York and Los Angeles.

When traveling abroad, Delta One customers enjoy Sky Priority treatment at the airport, have access to Delta Sky Clubs, and are among the first on the aircraft.