Top 7 Things to Do in Nashville

Nashville is a city known for its music and nightlife. It is well-known for popularising country music, but that is not all it offers. In Nashville, there is a lot to see and do. Some of the tourism attractions in this area will astound you.

This article will inform you where you should go to get the most out of your trip to Nashville. So, without further ado, let’s go right into this post.


Top 7 Things to Do in Nashville

This article includes a list of the Top 7 Things to Do in Nashville. We recommend that you go through them all because they form a tour in Nashville.


If you’ve come to this page, it’s because you’re either interested in the trip or you’ve already arrived in Nashville and are seeking for some interesting locations to visit. This article will provide you with all of the information you require. So, let’s begin with the #1 position on the list.

1. Bluebird Café 

When you’re in Nashville, you really must stop by this café. If you just visit one spot throughout your trip, this should be it. Yes, it is that crucial. The café has a 90-style seating arrangement. Musicians take turns performing their songs in the middle of the café.

This is a venue where rising musicians can perform. They come here in the hopes of landing their big break. The café has a wonderful ambiance. You must get tickets at least a week in advance or be prepared to wait in line.

2. Rayman Auditorium 

The Rayman Auditorium is the next venue on our list. To put it simply, it is a very popular and historically significant location. The structure was constructed in the nineteenth century. It is now used as a venue for music concerts.

From 1943 through 1974, it was the home of the Grand Ole Opry. Coldplay, Sheryl Crow, and Mumford and Sons have all performed here recently. It’s only a block from Broadway, so it’s relatively easy to find. You can either go on a tour in the morning or purchase concert tickets in the evening.

3. The Grand Ole Opry Nashville, Tennessee

The Grand Ole Opry is the next stop on our itinerary. If you’re planning a trip to Nashville, this is a must-see. It’s what made Nashville famous, placed it on the map, and put it on everyone’s mind. The Grand Ole Opry is responsible for the current state of country music.

You must also be aware of the location’s historical significance. When you go there, you can clearly sense it. It is something that must not be overlooked. You can watch a show here or take a backstage tour if you so desire. Both options are open to you.

4. Take a City Tour

Aren’t city excursions usually entertaining? This is the most effective technique to learn about a city. You may also take a city tour of Nashville and get the whole experience on any of them. This is a great method to obtain a quick overview of the city’s layout.

There are a variety of tours to choose from. You can make your own selection based on your preferences. The Segway tour, the redneck NashTrash Tour, and even the Sprocket Rocket Party Bike Tour are all worth checking out. We understand that the names are a little strange.

5. The Johnny Cash Museum 

We had to include a museum on this list, right? You can’t truly understand an area unless you know its history. You can obviously skip this one if you are not interested in history. No one will force you to go, but we strongly advise you to do so.

A world-class collection of things can be found in this museum. This museum tells the tale of Johnny Cash’s life. This is a fantastic site to visit, especially for music aficionados. It’s going to be fantastic.

6. Franklin D. Roosevelt

If you have a car and want to get away from the museums and the hustle and bustle of Nashville, head to Franklin. This location will provide a welcome change of pace.

It’s a small historic town about a half-hour drive from downtown Nashville. If you wish to buy souvenirs, you can do it here. They also have some delicious local cuisine to sample.

7. Hotel Union Station

The Union Station Hotel is the last but not least on our list. This is a Victorian train station from the nineteenth century. It is now a fantastic hotel where you can stay if you so desire. However, keep in mind that this is not a cheap hotel. It will be quite expensive.

However, we must state that it is well worth your money. The hotel is really stunning both inside and out. If you’re looking for a suitable background for a photo to post on social media, this hotel may provide you with plenty of options. Just a thought.

If you want to have a peek, do your homework beforehand and look up the photographs on Google. We are confident that you will be awestruck by its beauty.


We hope that you have found this information to be helpful. We did our best to describe the beauty of the location in simple terms. Of course, we can’t tell you everything because there’d be nothing left to discover. For over 21 crowds, the location is stunning.

A vacation to Nashville with your pals will undoubtedly be enjoyable. Please give your thoughts in the comment area below. We’d be delighted to hear from you. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. Also, please consider forwarding this information to your friends and family. Have a wonderful and safe vacation!