11 Best Things to Do in Brussels

Brussels is situated in the north-central part of Belgium. It is famous for its cuisine and gastronomy. The city is also known for its historical and architectural landmarks. Some people are super excited about Brussels and had a great time there. Where some people say it’s not for them.

In this article ‘11 Best Things to Do in Brussels,’ you will get an overview of things you can do in Brussels. So, it’s all up to you. If you are excited about these things in Brussels, you can add this place to your Travel Wishlist. After all, Brussels is the perfect combination of discipline and fun.

Things to Do in Brussels


11 Best Things to Do in Brussels

Here we are mentioning the 11 best things to do in Brussels like Comic Book Route, Grand Place, etc. Likewise, we have added small descriptions along with names. It helps you to decide faster.

1. Grand Place

The grand place is the must-see place in Brussels. The ornate guildhalls, the city’s towering Town Hall, and the Breadhouse have beautifully held the central square. Grand Place has a rich history. Many buildings in Grand Place are there since the 1200s.

The halls in Grand Place are one of the best examples of architecture. It is suggested to visit the square at different times in a day. Its beauty will surely make you fall in love with the city. Please don’t miss the flower market in the square. They arrange it on some particular days.

2. Manneken Pis

Brussels is the administerial center of the EU and looks discipline many times. However, it is famous for free and fun vibes too. You will get the idea by looking at the famous statue of Manneken Pis. This 2 feet tall boy peeing statue grabs everyone’s attention. It was made in 1619. Therefore, has a great history too.

The statue of Manneken Pis is located just the right lane away from the town hall.Inspiring by this statue there are two more peeing statues. One is of a little girl and another is of a dog.

3. Comic Book Route

It is a tribute to the well-known local comic characters and authors.You will surely love this route. Many people say that it is an art of different-level. It is located in more than 50 spots around the city.To cover the route, you need to follow some stops like La Patrouille des Castors, Jojo, Le Chat, and Boule et Bill.

4. The Bourse

The Bourse is another surprising building in Brussels. You can see the amazing sculptures on it. Back then the Bourse was famous for the stock exchange. Now you can see many things in the Bourse like photography retrospectives. You can also experience the story that started with an ancient city of Pompeii to the work of Vincent Van Gogh.

5. Le Cirio

Another important place to see is Le Cirio. It is famous for its café culture. The place is too old made in 1886. Still now, this popular café culture is attracting more tourists to Brussels. You will also see many locals enjoying themselves there. Inside the Le Cirio, you can see some unique artwork.

6. Mont des Arts

It is the hill of the arts that separate the upper and lower part of Brussels. The Mont des Art is famous for its view. However, you can enjoy most of the artistic activities here. People enjoy concerts at Bozar, movies at Cinematek, and exhibitions at the Royal Museums of the Fine Arts and the Musical Instrument Museum.

It is a calm place surrounded by plane trees. This area mostly seems crowded at any time in the year. People like this place’s calmness.

7. Cinquantenaire Park

Cinquantenaire Park is another loving place to visit in Brussels. People like this calm and green place. You would see some people picnicking there. Another bunch of people hanging around a fountain and clicking photos.

Unlike normal parks, Cinquantenaire park is famous for the Royal Museum of the Military Forces. You would love to see some historic things in the museum. Not just that but people are crazy for panoramic views in the park.

8. The Black Tower

There is another historic tower, standing rock solid from the 1200s. The Black Tower is one of the popular attractions for tourists.I guess the name black tower is because of its rounded walls and black turret. Back then it was the part of the fortification. The Black Tower is a must seen place for any tourist.

9. Museums

Museums are a special attraction of Brussels. People like to spend time knowing things from history. For any pop art lover, Magritte Museum is a blessing. It is one of the parts of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. Magritte Museum is famous for its 200 original Magritte works.

The Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium also includes some other museums to surprise you. Just like the Old Masters Museum, the Modern Museum, and others.

10. Palais Royal

If you are too obsessed with Royal Palaces, we recommend you to visit Brussels From late July to late August. In this period, you can visit the palace for free. Palais Royal is King’s administrative residence and main office. The royal family lives on the north side of the city.

On a free visit, you can see the grand decorations of reception rooms and halls. Throne Room and the Goya Room are special attractions there.

11. Christmas Markets

Join Brussels for the Christmas holiday and you will never forget the experience. At Christmas, you can feel holiday vibes everywhere. Lights decorations and Christmas trees in the market give you another level of happiness.

While wandering through the market you will see vendors selling gifts and candy. Some serving vin chaud (hot mulled wine). You will also come across the oyster’s sellers and tartiflette (potato-based dish) sellers. No doubt Brussels is known for its food.


Brussels is well known for its historic places, buildings, and food. Museums and artwork have another level in Brussels. The city is quite a disciplined and quite moody. However, it loves all the visitors and offers some great memories to look back.