9 Best Things To Do in Birmingham

If you are planning to visit London, you should not miss this amazing city named Birmingham. Surprisingly the city of Birmingham has more miles of canals than Venice. Many canals are lined with cool cafes and bars. Not just for canals but the city is also famous for jewelry and shopping. About 40% of the jewelry in the entire UK is made in Birmingham.

Top 9 Things To Do in Birmingham

The city has great historic importance. However, people say most of the city center was destroyed during world war II. Tourists are impressed with the art and shopping in Birmingham. And if you want to visit this great culture, you should read this article. We have mentioned the 9 Best Things to do in Birmingham. This information would help you to know the city.


9 Best Things to do in Birmingham, Alabama

There are lots of things you can do in Birmingham. Still, you just can’t miss these 9 things. So, read the article and decide what you want to do in Birmingham.

1. Vulcan

You might hear Birmingham’s name as ‘Magic city’. The story behind this is in the iron industry of Birmingham. The city has all the elements to make cast iron, i.e. coal, limestone, and iron ore.

Even the Vulcan is the world’s largest cast-iron statue. It is 56 feet tall and 100,000 pounds. The statue is the main attraction in the city. People love to watch the entire city from the top. The view is just terrific. Anyone, who is interested in Birmingham’s history, must visit the museum at bottom of the Vulcan.

2. Kelly Ingram Park

The Kelly Ingram Park is famous for its powerful emotional sculptures. These sculptures depict the civil rights struggle in Birmingham. The park served as an assembly spot for many moments. Chestnut trees are there in the park. It is said that these trees remind the hatred, African Americans faced in segregated America.

3. Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute is the sign of struggles for equal rights since the 1950s. This is a huge building with great architecture. Here you can take Barry McNealy’s Civil Rights tour. Many people like it.

Another attraction of Birmingham Civil Rights Institute is the jail. In this jail, Martin Luther King Jr. wrote a famous “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” When he was imprisoned. You can also see the 1950s drug store soda fountain here.

4. Joe Minter’s African Village in America

Joe Minter’s story is famous in Birmingham. He was a construction worker. One day he felt, God told him to create a folk art structure to show injustices suffered by African Americans. And since that day he was creating folk art by putting all his emotions. You can see the yard on Nassau Street. This place describes Joe Minter’s unique art very well.

5. Peanut Place

The John Hand Building is the oldest merchant building in Birmingham. You will find Peanut Place right there. Peanut Place is the landmark of the original Wholesale District in Birmingham. In the past, people were crazy for the smell of roasting coffee, peanuts, and baked bread at the place.

Peanut Place has many unique roasters. Mr. John is the third generation of this place. He is still using one of the roasters bought by his grandfather. You would love this place. Mr. John welcomed every visitor with love and tell them the history of the place.

6. Reed Books Museum of Fond Memories

Book Museum would excite any book lover. Here you can see an amazing collection of books, magazines, newspapers, and movie posters.

Jim Reed is the owner of the place. Despite several careers, he chose to open this interesting store. He has over 50,000 books, magazines, newspapers, and movie posters cataloged. Other than that, he has over 250,000 book collections.

7. Birmingham Pedal Tour

The pedal bus is an amazing ride. You can book for your entire group. This unique and attractive Pedal bus can hold 14 people and a driver. Even if you are interested in pedaling or not you can enjoy the ride. This pedal bus has five pedaling seats and there is a four-person bench with no pedals.

Enjoy your night with this pedal bus. It will take you through the beer gardens. Birmingham has many breweries to visit like Ghost Train Brewing, Sweetwater Brewing, Back Forty Beer Company, Good People Brewing Company, Birmingham District Brewing Company, etc. Along with the brews, you will see a food truck there in the garden at night.

8. The Market at Pepper Place

There is an amazing market to visit on Saturday from 7 a.m. to noon. You can see several food trucks from farmers. Another attractive thing is live demos of cooking by local chefs. Any food lover can’t miss this opportunity.

You can also see local artists selling handcrafted things. They have some unique stuff to remind you memories of Birmingham.

9. Negro Southern League Museum

The Negro Southern League Museum is a sign of honor to the players of the Southern Negro League. Many of them became part of national League teams later. The museum has a larger collection of original Negro League baseball artifacts in the country.

You can see The McCallister Trophy and the oldest known Negro League trophy in the museum. Other than these trophies you can see an exhibit on Rickwood Field, the oldest ballpark in the country. Also, there is an exhibit on Hall of Fame members, Willie Mays, Hilton Smith, Norman “Turkey” Stearnes, and George “Mule” Suttles. You may like the collection of autographed baseballs.


So, what do you think? Isn’t it worth visiting the magic city of Birmingham? There are many things to inspire you. In Birmingham you can listen to stories about fights for rights; this will give you another perspective towards life. Not just for seriousness but Birmingham is also famous for shopping and art. Take someone on a date, buy flowers with MyGlobalFlowers and spend time together, for instance, at Oak Mountain State Park. You would love some unique jewelry designs there. Tell us what do you like the most about Birmingham.